Hey N, what you do to me?

The speed of light is said to be 300 000 kilometer per second fast (an information I got out from the Net, a point). It can reach its destiny in a matter of a blink of an eye or even faster. The Net might not even come close. Yet most of us would not be able to live without it. We let the Net affect us in more ways than one.

The light helps us to see things clearly; it reveals what is in the darkness. The Net also helps us see things clearly when we need to. We search for answers, we check people’s backgrounds, and we do a lot of things with the Net. But the positivity is so overwhelming that it hit us real hard to know the negativity. The Cyber Space is just so FREE. Oftentimes, no one seems to take the responsibility anymore for the things they post. In effect, when all hell breaks loose, we end pinpointing the blame to whoever’s near us whom we can point a finger at.

Light as a contrast to darkness helps our eyes adapt. The Net on the contrary is not something that helps us adapt but we adapt to it. We adapt to it so much that before we used to ignore it now we can’t simply live without it. I remember how a typical day interning for a specific advertising company would pass — in front of a computer, all day connected to the Net. I worked for their accounts department and I tell you with what stakeholders they have, they can’t really survive without a Net. Updates are being emailed, corrections, confirmations, deals and transactions. It is not possible to always have face to face communication anymore. Almost all companies are aiming for that paperless environment. With the ever changing media, the Net is here for us to welcome and embrace. And for the same light of always moving forward, we cannot predict the advances it would reach. There are so many possibilities yet to be known.

When light shines through, it is hard to hold it back or to stop it from bursting. The Net just the same is hard to hold back, when something leaks into it, it would for surely burst. Recall the sex scandals that have been forever on the headlines of major newspapers in the country, an activity intended for private consumption became a buzz for the entire world to see and for all the people to watch. If you have the Net you can have access, it’s that easy.

With great power comes great responsibility, Uncle Ben from Spiderman used to say. To think, we have all the great power over the Net but then do we take in the responsibility over what we contribute or are we being like all those people who post in whatever they feel like without feeling accountable for it? There are things in the world that are left for free. Free newspapers in the MRT stations, free drinking water at food courts, free seats in the parks, free parking space and then there’s the freedom over the Net. Sure we are allowed to have our freedom of expression through it but comes with it is the license of being a responsible citizen acting on behalf of other people’s sake. We might be affected by the Net but the control and power still lies in us.

9 thoughts on “Hey N, what you do to me?

  1. “We might be affected by the Net but the control and power still lies in us.”

    The net could really turn up against us if we don’t make proper use of it. but if we do it the other way around, it would be of so much help to us. 😀

    HAHA. academic daw o. Linked you!

  2. great take on the reading. the ugly side of the “free.” often taken for granted or not given any thought at all.

  3. you’re right ericka. the net is something that has become a part of us and it will be difficult to live without it.
    it has provided an avenue for us people to express ourselves freely, but as you mentioned too much freedom also has a downside and we are witnesses to that.

    • i agree. as what i have mentioned in my previous entry, it’s so interesting how a mere technology became a part of everyone’s life…in an instant. and it’s sad that some people only take for granted the freedom that internet gives us. i just wish everyone knows how to utilize this without forgetting about the responsibility that comes with it. 🙂

  4. Sure, we empower the net, and alongside this power is our responsibility to use the net in the most appropriate way we can. Its just so sad that most people take that for granted. Hope those people see that N is a great tool for communication, and should not be abused.

    Nice work, Bebe:)

  5. Bebe, your work is like an in-depth discussion of mine! I adore your movement on this reflection post. 🙂

  6. i thought that title was very witty; this would have been a good platform to discuss the same things you discussed above but from a more personal perspective. think of it like a diary of a Internet user who’s seen the best and worst of times. that would have been a more interesting read.

    but i like how you highlighted the fact that when something ‘leaks’ online, there’s no holding it back. so much like saying a word verbally; only that in the Internet sphere, the words can be recorded and sent to millions. that being the case, it is indeed necessary to be responsible users and co-creators of content in the Internet.

  7. Knowing you, Bebe, I can’t help but think of how much fun you’re having with the Internet.. now if only you could have it all the time with you–no thanks to your wifi-less dorm . 😛

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