When asked how much have I changed upon entering OrCom to this very day, I wanted to show my university ID to the class for the simple phrase of starting with the obvious. Yes, I wanted to say I indeed transformed and I am confident no one is going to argue with that.  OrCom made an external change as well as the internal change. However, the transformation is not a Cinderella type of change rather the Ugly Duckling style, gradual and not overnight.

Sir Barry mentioned that enrolling in OrCom can be compared to enrolling in a workshop; it transforms students from Person A to Person B. If that is the case then the fee is all worth the trouble, a very good deal indeed.     

ORCOM look

One time when I and my co-interns from an advertising company were walking from Rufino Street to the MRT station, we coincidentally bumped into my block mates who are also having their internship in the vicinity. My co-interns did not point it right away but when we reached the station, one said “Bakit pag OrCom maganda?” and then the other adds “Pag OrCom ba dapat ba maganda?”

 Being naturally pretty is one but being presentable is another. OrCom taught its students on how to dress nicely and properly in every occasion. As an OrCom, one is not expected to undergo surgery to change looks; it is a matter of presenting oneself to the public, being able to project that image which says “Hey! I am an OrCom” not because we are naturally beautiful people but because we dress how we should, we carry ourselves right, and we stay presentable and we keep our cool under pressure.          

I am proud to tell the world that I learn these things together with my block mates. Together we try to modify our wardrobe (at least some were with me), together we search for the corporate attires intended for the Saturdays and together we transformed.

ORCOM talk

So much for the external change let us talk about the internal change. I would not be talking about moral here or a founded activist voice inside of me but a Swan moment originating from my Ugly Duckling phase. But this side of the coin is about how I improved my speaking skills both academically and outside of it. You see, its not all about the image and looking good, substance is also important.

Outside of the classroom setting:

First time my aunt saw me after being away in Canada X years

Aunt: Oh hi, kamusta ka na?

Ericka: Ok naman po. Galing po ako ng school, may class kasi..Talk. Communicate. Talk. Bla.

Aunt: Ericka, ikaw ba talaga yan?

Ericka: Bakit nagbago po ba itsura ko?

Aunt: Hindi, iba na pagsasalita mo. Parang may accent, mas fluent. Mas maganda kaysa dati.

Ericka: Ah talaga po. Thanks. Haha.

It was 3rd year, second semester and I am in the process of modifying my wardrobe not noticing that other skills like speaking are succumbing to the improvement as well. Good thing it has been pointed out, and then just like that I loved OrCom even more.    

Classroom setting:

Communication III= MAJOR speeches: start of death

ORCOM MAJOR COURSES = MAJOR presentations:  death even more

But I found the Matrix and resurrected myself like Optimus Prime. Unlike him though, instead of having a Sam carrying me the Matrix, I have Sams fighting with me against the Decepticons of the world. And while Sam placed the Matrix into Optimus Prime’s body, I did it myself, I instituted my transformation. With the additional parts from the Old Decepticon, Optimus Prime came out stronger and defeated the Fallen. With the additional knowledge I get from the mentors of the course, I am surely prepared to have the transformation I need to face any battle and defeat my own Fallen too.

Autobots, let’s roll!

4 thoughts on “ORCOM, TRANSFORM!

  1. I love the “ID” part. Haha.

    I’m happy with your transformation, especially with the internal part (the external was always there naman kasi. LOL). Remember how unconfident we were before even in answering during recitations? LOL. Now I think you’re more than ready to conquer the world. But just as so much transformation has already taken place, I know there are more transformation that await us. Transformation for the better 🙂 Orcom is love 😀

  2. so TRUE.. indeed, orcom helped us a lot!! haha.. i agree that the course helped us not just to improve our external side but our inner self as well.

  3. always the ID thing-um. haha. at least, orcom improved our facades first before our speech. wahaha. 🙂

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