What is?

What is your talent?

Adults often ask this question, the question that somehow explains the distinction of a kid from all the other kids in the block. After answering, the kid is then asked to showcase the answer to the adults. Common talents before: singing, dancing and doing both. They say that kids mostly learn by imitating and copying. I have to agree because as a kid I used to copy and imitate others to have a talent. It is easier to please the world when you are young. Nothing much is expected from you. So copying and imitating pays a lot. As long as you can copy and imitate adults — who by that time are wiser than you are — then you are good enough and the world smiles at you. You are unique without giving much effort. It is oh -so-simple then.  

What is your edge?

After some years and some added maturity the question changes into something else yet it still asks the same essence on how else one is different from all the others. It is the question that asks can you make a difference. How else are you unique? As I grew up things change, copying and imitating are no longer the talents. The issue evolved into something that is deeper than showcasing what you know. You can show people the things that you know and you can do for all you want but are they any good? Do they stand out? Are they your original ideas? Copying and imitating pays no more unlike when you are younger and the world is kinder. So we find ways on how we can stand out from the rest of the group. We try so hard discovering and formulating that thing that would take us to the top. We give so much effort than we used to.  

What is your niche?

Now in the corporate world, the same question is asked.  It posts the questions what does separate you from others? What is unique in your product? Then again we search for the right answers. We try real hard so we can reach the global market. We think global, we act the part too. But how, how can we be different with all these modern advances that keep on breaking and entering into our lives? True that the only way is for us to embrace it but what if everybody did the same thing, how can we matter and how can we be taller than they are? The answer is not as complex as we think it might be.

The answer is US.

 It is us than can make all the differences. Finding our niche is easy because we can find it by looking at our own. It is OUR culture. It is OUR design. It is OUR standards. We are the original. We can stop being second best. We can stop being the copycats. By taking action and owning what is rightfully ours, we can make it. Sure X country can mass produce, they can reproduce all they want but the creativity is never theirs. They can never own it. They can never think about all those complicated curves and lines which make up our produces. And because we own the creativity, we can always think ahead.  We can show them what is, the now.  They can copy the now all they want and go tell the world about it. But they better be ready about the tomorrow because in that near future it might be too late for them when we sing: Ours is 2010, yours is 2000 late.

6 thoughts on “What is?

  1. indeed, we shouldn’t forget about what makes us unique and bring that into the global table. Filipino’s creativity in craftsmanship and other arts is one example.

    do you have some other examples in mind? can you find a Pinoy product now that has ‘conquered’ the global market because of its originality and uniqueness?

  2. Hey babe! I look nice there in your banner! Really pretty, no?

    I know!!! that was some inspiring speech sir gave us last Saturday. Funny how it was like a pep talk–this is what we have and this is what they don’t have so let’s all shove it to their faces (err, paraphrased much? :P).

    and trueness babe, it’s always about what you have that other people don’t, what’s your talent niche, edge and all. like if you dont have that X factor… POOF. youre suddenly out of the scene.

    it’s hard to think of one, cos i guess we’re not really much of the inventors in the world wide web. but i guess for me it’s how Filipinos actually find creative ways to make use of what they get online. Like Multiply for instance. it was merely just for blogging and online storage of media. but we eventually looked at it in a business person’s point of view.

    next thing people knew…

    multiply is now an online shop. :)) lol, way to go!

  3. Hi Bebe, I can sing and dance too! 🙂

    Anyway, ang hirap nung question na un ni Sir. I was scouring my mind for answers. 😦

  4. hahahaahah yes Jel and Arvin, Sir’s question is HAAAAARD. Hi Sir Barry! 😛

    Anyway I cant think of a specific product which became global. But I could think of Pinoys whose products had reached the global market. These people whom I have been talking about are all designers. Tina Ocampo Celestina, Raffy Totengco and Monique Lhuillier. The first two are bag designers. The last one designs wedding dresses. Their designs even reached Hollywood so I guess it counts as something that made it to the global market. 🙂

    I think that their products have a Filipino touch in them however it is not blatantly shown 😛 I believe in more subtle ways the products are ours. 🙂

  5. “It is us than can make all the differences. . .It is OUR culture. It is OUR design. It is OUR standards.” — very empowering, Erika 🙂

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