I kept asking myself…

… the point of studying when it felt good to play with my friends instead.

… the point of my mom’s constant nagging.

 … the point of my sister’s constant crying.

… the point of math and chemistry when my course is all about communication.

… the point of my dad’s silence.

… the point of our neighbors unending karaoke-ing.

… the point of my course.

… the point of this entry.

On and on I have kept asking about the point of almost every “thing”. “Thing” here refers to an event, a person, a place, and every aspect that has got to do with my life or even some other things that has nothing to do with my existence. I have developed this manner of constant soliloquy since I was a kid.

This is probably the reason why there is this thing called communication and its point – to keep me sane.  So I could stop talking to myself but let all of my ideas and thoughts be sent across to others in order for me to be understood and to be connected. Communication makes me feel not alone. It keeps me sane by connecting me to other people which might share the answers to all the questions swimming through my head. Instead of asking myself I could ask others who are real people in the real world.   

Communication has history like humans and it has the ability to adapt like us.

From the early ancient times, fire was used to send message across. Now there is instant messaging. Before there was snail mail now there is electronic mail. You see how it adapts to changes? Imagine yuppies of today, they don’t write with stone and wall instead they use pen and paper. Communication adapts to changes like us in shape, form and look. Faster and advance, communication has become, the way we want it, they way we need it.

Then I stopped asking myself about the point of this entry because I knew all along – for communication to be appreciated. This entry is an attempt to tell people to appreciate the very nature of communication today. To see how much life has become easier because of communication. Also, we know that we do not have only ourselves but others as well. Communication allows this to happen. Each one of us is an island of our own and communication bridges the gap among us making us connected and understood no matter how far we are from each other. Without communication islands will remain islands. Islands, without communication, will forever ask themselves if there is life on other islands but because of communication they know there is. Communication is this important to one person, how much more in organizations.    

So what is Organizational Communication’s point again? I don’t think I have to ask myself that one.  

3 thoughts on “I kept asking myself…

  1. The point of communication… interesting.

    I can only view it as such as useful tool for when I want to express my thoughts and my emotions. For when I want to stay in touch with the people who are dear to me… who are apparently not few miles away.

    Oh wait. Lemme see. I may be talking about you and us few months from now. Thanks for that fact that you’re flying to Canada soon.

    Kudos! You’ll be appreciating COMMUNICATION twice more than you do now.

    I’m sure in few months time, you clearly see its point.

  2. I like how you defined clearly what you meant by ‘thing,’ Bebe!

    Can I assume you love being adept in communication like me? :>

  3. I’m quite concerned that you are just beginning to ask yourself these basic questions now that you are a senior. never too late, though.

    i hope your realizations help you discover what career you will pursue after college. and perhaps questions like this are the things you need to ask yourself now. happy discovery! 🙂

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