Everyone, up!

In the traditional setting, whatever the boss says, it is the rule. It has always been the rule. The subordinates simply wait for the boss’s instructions on what to work on and how to do it. But in today’s setting which for the rest of this entry I would refer as the wiki setting, it is not quite the same. In the wiki setting, I felt the sensation of equality. It is as if I have a part and there is something I can do. It is as if I can act and not only wait like what the subordinates of the traditional setting do. And with that my title says everyone, up! because it is not only a call to one person — most of the time the head of the company — rather a call to all employees because in the wiki setting every head has a part. 

Risk is wiki setting’s middle initial, I just can’t think of the surname yet. Anyway, in order to allow collaboration you need to put the information out there in the open. It can’t be helped. It would not be solved if you keep it to yourself. It is like an HIV disease. Admitting you have such a disease is hard to put out in the open — just like putting the company’s confidential files to the public — but if you do not tell your symptoms to the doctor, you should not expect them treating you. If you would keep it to yourself you would surely die.

It is so much easier to keep the disease a secret to yourself considering the case but feeding information at this point is essential to one’s survival. It is risky in the sense that you have no idea on how people are going to react upon knowing – would they take advantage of you, would they laugh at you, would they pity you, moreover, would they help you — you have no assurance if people would be the same way treating you like before. See, there is always the risk. And it is your business whether you want to invest on it or not. I say you are the CEO of your own life.     

The same goes for organizations.

 The trend now is mass collaboration. You need to feed information to the public. The cat should be let out of the bag. It is a risk because letting the cat out might cause a lot of different new things and there are no guarantees they are good. But in the wiki setting, doing so made good differences and not the other way around. Letting the secret be known to the public allows more heads thinking and helping out on the problem. It started the change on who leads and controls the organization. It abolishes the subordinates-wait- for-the-boss idea and instead promotes you-can-do-something-even-if you-are-subordinate principle.


And with that I say again, everyone, up!

5 thoughts on “Everyone, up!

  1. I agree, Bebe. If organizations want to improve, they must at least be able to free up select information to their employees. With a clear strategy, this opening up would be beneficial to organizations. Yay!

  2. Amen!

    Also, along with the traditional setting is:
    That person is the boss due to seniority.
    Those people are the employees due to young age.

    Which clearly says that the senior gets to decide, and the juniors only follow. But then, it can be problematic because, sometimes, employees are better thinkers than their bosses. With the Wiki Workplace, we can utilize those insights and transform them into profit. $_$

  3. Risk is wiki’s middle name. I thought it was change. HAHA. But then again, wiki is one without a permanent identity.

    Everyone, up! Indeed, knowing that work is not about being bossed around anymore surely makes the future more exciting.

  4. Nice one, Bebe!

    Indeed, in order for organizations to get reliable consumer perception and for them to create a good relationship with their stakeholders, they need to somehow share some info out. And that, basically, is the risk.

    All for employee empowerment!

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