san ka hook?

Information, we seek everyday of our lives. Sometimes, unconsciously come to us. Now that I think of how we people get it, I come to the conclusion that it depends on people’s interests. There are those who love to watch. Those who love to listen. And there those who love to read. But whatever you love, sometimes there are kinds of information that are only available on the channels that are less appealing to us and in that case, we need to adjust.   

Segue: I was the one caught red handed when the podcast was being played. Yes, I was the one who was caught looking for projected images while the podcast was presented. I know how stupid can that get but at the same time funny. I am a visual you know.

Anyway, the following are the classifications of people based on how they would mostly prefer to get information.

NOTE: The titles are movies; I told you I am a visual.

The reader

Those like Ryo. She is one of the very few people I know who will choose reading over watching a movie or sound tripping. The reader is the kind of person who helps the print media thrives. The reader is often spotted holding an object that has compositions of texts and calligraphies that can be easily deciphered. It comes in varied sizes, colors and form – maybe a newspaper, an online article, an encyclopedia – everything and anything that the eyes can go through (reading). Sight is very much appreciated.


Similar to the reader, watchmen prefer to use their eyes more. But they are leaning more towards images rather than texts. Watchmen prefer video blogs or any other moving pictures.  They would rather watch all day all night if given the time. They enjoy watching over while learning. National Geographic on TV channels is an example of a program which is very visual when providing information. Going local, we have Sineskwela, Math Tinik and Bayani which teach children viewers about History, Mathematics and Science.     

Hear, hear

Those like Jan, whenever I see him I think of MORG — association of musicians in UP Manila. Not that I stereotype the group, no offense intended. These people are those who appreciate the sense of hearing the most. Hear, hear love to listen. I remember in class how Jan said that he prefers the podcasting more than other sources of information like video blog or a written document. And since there are so many techie gadgets — iPods mp3s that come in handy – where you can store these podcasts, it is an easier access for the hear, hear to use what they prefer the most.  

These categories however are products of my observation. Some people are hybrids, or maybe many are. It is important that we are interested in whatever channels we are using because that holds our attention and if attention is not given, we won’t learn and understand. But whoever says that you can’t always have it your way is right because time will come when you need to adjust because you can’t simply watch, listen or read all your life. Try other realms of endless possibilities.

2 thoughts on “san ka hook?

  1. i like the use of movie titles for the classification. most of the times, though, we can’t really ‘box’ people within a classification because–as some of your classmates said in class–the choice is dependent on the type of info you seek 🙂

  2. “I was the one caught red handed when the podcast was being played. Yes, I was the one who was caught looking for projected images while the podcast was presented.”

    haha! same here. 🙂 like you, im more of a visual type of person. i can’t sustain my attention by just listening to something.. especially when the audio is not clear.. 😉 nice post bebe! 😀

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