I hope you know Organizational Communication

Organizational Communication is a course founded and first offered in the University of the Philippines- Manila

Organizational Communication is the course I am taking and finishing. It is widely unknown throughout the country, the community, inside the school and in many other places. So whenever I hear about someone who knows what Organizational Communication is, a smile spreads across my face because I know I don’t have to explain anymore. It is as simple as it is stated, you can take Organizational Communication as it is and explain it to yourself — communication in organizations. And in organizations, there are people, so long as there is the human race, Organizational Communication graduates wouldn’t need to worry too much about work. This, I assume.    

The University of the Philippines-Manila specifically the Department of Arts and Communication, is the authentic home of Organizational Communication. Professor Sarile, who is until now teaching one of the course requirements in the degree, is one of the responsible persons why Organizational Communication is a course now. 

Organizational Communication still lacks its own distinction from other degrees such as mass communication and the like. Yet a wide variety of careers are offered for an Organizational Communication graduate – from events management, to public relations, to advertising, to corporate communication – one only has to know what career path to pursue. In the workplace, it seems to be not that well known, there is still proving in the business world needed from its graduates.

Organizational Communication Society is my org   

When you are an Organizational Communication student, Organizational Communication Society is the org to be. It is also known as ORCOMSOC. In my membership in ORCOMSOC, I have witnessed parties and seminars.

Acquaintance parties are for Organizational Communication students to mingle and to socialize with other year levels of the same course. Usually held during July, the main purpose of the event is for familiarization so that whenever they need help they sure know who the right people to ask. The other party held every year is the Organizational Communication pageant (ORCOM night) which involves competition among the year level. Each level has one boy and one girl representative and they vie for the crown of Mr. and Ms. Organizational Communication. This event is not only a party but part of the profit goes to the chosen beneficiary of the org in that year.    

A very useful seminar Eto Kami Ngayon (EKN) is a seminar where Organizational Communication graduates share stories — about their present jobs, experiences in getting jobs and many others. Held annually and is intended for the freshmen Organizational Communication students to have a better understanding about the course. Also, to help them have a clearer perception about the course.

These are only some facts about Organizational Communication. I know these are not enough. If you want real experience, then come enroll under BA Organizational Communication course, only here in UP- MANILA.


4 thoughts on “I hope you know Organizational Communication

  1. i can see some applications from what you learned in the SEO lecture. i’m just happy to see those links and the use of keywords 🙂

    i just thought you might want to clarify what “authentic home” means because in fairness to that other school offering the program, they aren’t “fake.”

    i’m also quite sad that even on your fourth year you have not realized how distinct OrCom is from other communication courses when you said that it “still lacks distinction from other degrees such as masscomm and the like.” i took this to mean your instructors–myself included–failed at helping you realize OrCom’s value. I call this my personal strategy 😦

    • eeeep oh no sir barry! let me save those weeping hands. at least ill try by clarifying.

      first, for the “authentic home” i meant, where Organizational Communication first came to be developed as a course. like where it was first offered. but i dont mean that the other university’s orgcom — as they call it– is fake 🙂 my bad for the miscommunication there.

      second, when i personally wrote the entry i was thinking of the lack of distinction of the course, our program, in the context of the outside world — from the people in the workplace and others. like if i say orcom is my course, they would ask immediately “ah ung parang masscomm?” even where i had my internship, same questions are being asked. so that is what i am really trying to communicate there. but sir barry, really, i know how unique my course is and how it can be distinguished from other courses.

      apologies for all the miscommunication here. lost in translation — from my thoughts to my words.

      • This is good, Bebe! Hahaha KUDOS. You well passed and explained the challenge of barrycade. LOL.

        And yes, I second what you said there… particularly, that fact that other people don’t get to see OrCom’s distinction from others.

        One needs to actually see us immerse and work with them with a project before they see us shimmer with glory and beauty. LOL. 😀

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