oh beautiful people of the world!

New social media had gone through great extent that even the world of politics and the world of pageantry are shattered (in a good way) by its influencing powers. Even the most beautiful people of the world are truly, madly and deeply affected by N.

Leonardo says pass the link

Locally, here in the Philippines, we have the Ako Mismo campaign all over. There’s link here and there. It has gotten really viral. At first really it was not clear to me what the campaign was about. But yeah, now it is clear. Recently, I have come across the video entitled 5 friends, which I provided here in my page. I think that perhaps this campaign is somehow the counterpart of our Ako Mismo campaign. Here’s 5 friends for you.  

The campaign maximize the use of New Social Media by advocating a change in the attitudes of the Americans towards election. I have identified three strategies. First is the use of the reverse psychology. Big Hollywood Stars tell the viewers the reason why they shouldn’t vote but then the rebuttals of all of those statements will finally come at the end. Second is the encouragement or actually the command of registering – that is online. They point out how easy it can get and they even wait for you to do so. And last is going viral. They ask you to pass the video link to 5 friends – reason behind the title – which as they say would make a difference. Watch it and then they’ll explain why.

The Hollywood Stars did not make this happen alone but also the strategy behind it – spreading it through the use of New Social Media — helped a lot.  

Skype wins Miss Universe pageant

Ms Universe was the most recent pageant that hit the attention of people all over the world. For quite some time now the online world had minor participations on this event. That is when people vote via online for the candidate of their choice for the most photogenic award. But this year upon watching the replay of the pageant, the online world had a major participation — question and answer portion of the pageant.

In the video below, in the next 3 minutes or so you will see how Ms Puerto Rico answered the question of last year’s winner Ms Japan via Skype. How techie the world can get that even in the world of beauty queens, New Social Media has been proliferating its powers. But can I just say that it is also one hell of a promotion from Skype. Way to go!

From politics to pageantry, surely N is unstoppable. So let us make the most out of it in a good way and not the other way around. 🙂

3 thoughts on “oh beautiful people of the world!

  1. hey Bebe! i love the first video! New social media has really taken the globe and tapped a lot of fields!
    BTW, I really like Riyo Mori! hahaha

  2. Hey Ericka 🙂

    Your analysis of the strategies used in that 5 friends video was great 😀
    Going viral huh? Now that reminds me about those videos we made for 152 eh 😛

  3. @ marie – yes surely it has tapped a lot of fields! more of it in my next entries to come. thanks!

    @ jhe – and we need to make all those vids viral! 😛

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