Sit down, I’ll get to that later


Motion: This house believes that social networking sites have stunted the propagation of national culture among young people. 

Partner : Christian Lao.

Assigned : opening government

Specifically: Prime minister, first speaker

Tasks : define the terms, state the split case and present cases.


Social networking sites = multiply, facebook, myspace, friendster

Stunted propagation = blocks the spread

National culture = face to face marketing in the Philippines


Simply put, the topic for our midterms for the debate class is all about traditional face to face marketing VS online marketing.  

But let me compare the advantages and disadvantages of some of the dimensions of these two types of marketing.


Spontaneity when it comes to socialization


Face to face marketing :  Since seller and consumer are interacting face to face the socialization is spontaneous. The use of the grapevine is maximized because most of the time, consumers buy from the same place. It is the usual practice of the Filipinos.

Online marketing : There still is socialization but it is very limited since you don’t get to buy from the same buyer because in online marketing, moving on is so easy. When you don’t like the offer you just click on to the next link.

How much?

Face to face marketing : You can haggle all you want because you know the person already since in this kind of marketing, you buy from a certain seller who you have developed the “suki” relationship.   

Online marketing : They don’t say haggling. They say “prices are still negotiable”. Consumers don’t have any developed relationships to the buyer so it is more strictly business.


Effort/ convenience  

Face to face marketing : You go to the market place. You prepare yourself to be seen in public. You give out energy to walk if the place is near your place and if it is far, you shell out money for the fare or if you have a car, you pay for the gas.

Online marketing : You click and click and click and click and only pay for shipping expenses of the product you purchased. 


Face to face marketing : You get to see the actual thing and you get it right away right after the purchasing of the product.

Online marketing : You are never sure if the product would look the same as it is seen on your PC. Usually the payment is through depositing in banks so there is a chance that what you deposit can turn into something you want.


Conclusion :

For the comparison: These are only some of the facts and it is up to one’s discretion what to use and when to use it. What is more convenient for one may not be convenient for others.    

For the debate: It has not been aborted. We didn’t win though but I was happy my team made a valid definition and we had a good debate round, if i may add.

3 thoughts on “Sit down, I’ll get to that later

  1. I use face to face marketing (Trade fairs) and yes, it’s effective because you get to personally sell your products (bags! hehe) but, like in my case, I only get to sell to people I know and I see that’s why it’s important to have an online account (Multiply, FB). because you are sure that your product gets seen.

  2. true that. we dont actually need to choose which one to use exclusively because both have advantages and disadvantages on its own. what we need to do is to maximize the advantages more for our benefits. 😀

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