How do I blog thee let me tweet thy ways:

Twitter is the very very fast rising social site that allows you to blog but not just any ordinary blogging. It allows you to micro blog and here are ways on how people do it.


By the future tense with the use of will/shall
“will watch movie later or shall make posts for 152”
By stating the obvious – present tense
“is currently eating sweet crepe”
By accomplishments for the day – past tense
“done with PI 100 paper”
By emotions/sensations
“feels sick and tired”
By greetings
“good morning/night people!”
By cognitive processes
“thinking of an effective way to save moolah”
By motion
“on my way to Shang for dinner”
By adjectives
“the steak from Sizzles is so mouthwatering and sooo MASSIVE!”
By quotations
“No mountain is high enough to climb – Santiago”
By agreeing
“agree to/second that @blanche1222
By questions
“why can’t i stop eating?”
By education
“studying math, got tons of word problems to solve”
By metaphors
“Eagles soared high with 65-40 over Bulldogs”
By similes
“the salad bar is like heaven”
By emoticons
By affection
“miss you @JonaLoren!
By visual sensations
“saw a shooting star just now!”
By conscious alteration
“now, time to get back to work”
By social behavior
“hosting the girls’ night out this week! Fun!”
By temporal references
“opted for a full body massage instead of a buffet”
By abstract thought
“loving the cold weather”

Micro blogging is the trend now. Short, brief and easy on the eyes. No matter how you tweet it, just remember the 140 word-rule. Do everything in moderation, no to over-advertising and to over-tweeting! 🙂


XOXO @erickaana

2 thoughts on “How do I blog thee let me tweet thy ways:

  1. haha thanks for the comment alvina! ;D
    anyway those aren’t my tweets. i really planned on doing that — real tweets from real tweeps– for this entry but because there are so many categories i thought that i would just put some hypothetical tweets of my own.

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