Where do we go from here? (music)

Funny how even our other classes are being affected by the New Social Media trend, sometimes I wonder if it is only me or is it really the trend now — everyone goes online. Advertising online, shopping online, news online, delivery online and meeting online. And yes, meeting online. Now, more than ever because of the cheap offers of companies for internet use, people get more and more dependent on it causing us to just go online instead of actually meeting physically.


So is it in the lobby or would you rather the cyber?

in the lobby

You see your group mate’s reaction towards a suggestion/statement

You can settle any misunderstandings immediately

Easier to share immediate sources like readings from librarymtg

There can be physical distractions like loud people near your area

You need to look for a place to conduct the meeting

It costs more time and effort


in cyber

No need to find a place where you can conduct the meeting

Save yourself from travel time — esp when you came all the way home just to attend a meeting, say at school

Just connect to the Net and click click click then you are off to meet your group mates

Easier to share links related to your topic of discussion

Easy fit for schedule since you connect from your home


ym skype

There can be many distractions because other sites can be accessed while having the meeting

Needs to install the application to connect with group mates ie YM, Skype, MSN,& others.

There can be problems with regards to connection

Can be source of miscommunication due to its very nature — mediated

—- Meetings are one of the first steps but almost always it is up to the team “where they would go” after the “meeting”. Meetings are necessary for the team to survive. There you brainstorm, you plan, you strategize, you delineate tasks and more! And the New Social Media provides us an alternative to make things work even if it is not physically possible for us to meet. You go NSM! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Where do we go from here? (music)

  1. can i choose neither? HAHA.
    both the actual “lobby” meeting and the online one have its good and bad sides. but for people like us, who live in very far places, i think it’s better when we go cyber. saves both money and time.

    agree! =)

  2. I thought the title was the first line in Urbandub’s “Gone”. Haha. 🙂 Nice post, bebe! I think I’m more convinced to go online than to stay in the lobby. Haha. 🙂

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