Rise from the grave … or shall I say Net

Before we used to love N because it connects us to our friends but with all the advances it is having now, we learn how to maximize further its use. We buy and sell using social sites. We convert money — virtual to real. We create a fashion look. We choose a hairstyle that would fit us. All these we do without actually spending a dime – except of course the money for electricity & connection. Just sign up and there you have it!

We buy and we sell

pic buy and sell

During class there was this remark about how we Filipinos are so different from other cultures. Because we are one of the few who thought of selling in social sites. This, for me, is very evident in multiply. You all see those for sale *insert product here* followed by a promo or something. It only shows how we turn all those sources into good use instead of only socializing or meeting people online, we Filipinos see things differently.

We convert money


I didn’t know that you can earn real money while playing Ragnarok Online. Ragnarok sounds so old to me but apparently many people are still playing it. And how do I say that you can earn while you’re at it? Here: when you log on to Ragnarok Online and you create a character you earn zeny (their term for money) and when you actually have many of those zeny, you can trade them for real peso. Sounds good huh?

We create a fashion look


Yesterday while I was tweeting my day away, Bianca Gonzalez, yes, who I have been following on twitter tweeted something about a site looklet. Of course I got curious and I started clicking the link she provided. It got the better of me since OrCom Silver Anniversary with theme vintage glam is nearing and I have been busy looking for the right clothes for it. In the site, there are thousands and hundreds and millions of fashion selects. One can also mix and match clothes. I saw a lot of vintage inspired outfit and it would be sort of like a guide when I go shop for real. Cool!

We choose a hairstyle

pic hair

Hairstyling is critical to one’s look and thehairstyler.com helps people to choose among the many cuts, colors and styles our hair could have. There’s the part virtual makeover. From the title itself I think it is understandable. Before you make a decision of cutting it short or letting it stay long, coloring it red or brown, you can have the preview and you can do it free online. Now when you want something you can test if it would suit you.

We are both the consumers and the producers. We buy. We sell. We convert. We create. We choose. We learn how to rise above and sometimes even beyond. Now that’s collaboration 🙂

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