O, my love

This entry wouldn’t provide a shop list of what I can do for you. Rather the things I did and ‘til the present doing for you, O, so please know the extent of my love for you.

Exhibit #1

you know I'd walk a thousand miles

you know I'd walk a thousand miles

This is to symbolize the miles I would take and hours I would travel for you. Cold and heat can’t make me stop riding that Baliwag transit bus then getting that ticket from Manong Konduktor just to be with you, O, every waking day of my life, except Sundays of course.

Exhibit #2

let's sit, let's talk

let's sit, let's talk

I knew we would be celebrating our anniversary together. Its Silver, baby! I knew the importance of our talk – OrCom is communication after all. I didn’t think the little droplets of rain would turn our country down later that day — 092609. But see, I came still and didn’t miss what you have prepared for me. (@shifting paradigms, new mindsets)

Exhibit #3

shoe ritual -- from dryness to wetness

shoe ritual -- from dryness to wetness

O, you are not the only O who affected my life so much because last September 26 when we are about to celebrate Silver, this other O – Ondoy – came in my life too. He was uninvited but he came anyway. He literally and figuratively crashed and crushed the party. And he destroyed one of my favorite flats! Oh how rude of him! I braved the almost-knee-high flood. Look, we all rocked the flood while in our corporate attire! Woah to that!

But never mind there’s always a next time and next week – October 3 at CSB hotel – I know we are to continue the celebration. It would be our night solely for you, O, the other O would be gone by then.

Exhibit # 4

wouldn't trade it for home :(

wouldn't trade it for home 😦

And because of this uninvited guest, I was stranded, love. Celebration cancelled, talk shortened, shoes dampened, new slippers bought, and rooms rented. Alvina, Noemi and I got nowhere else to go. The mall was closing, the streets were flooded, and electricity was crashing down. So when we saw that tiny spec of light – Cherry Blossom – from a hotel we never knew we would enter, we took the opportunity and stayed for the night. We were all away from home that night – not to mention all the years I spent dorming – all for the love of you.

Exhibit # 5

let me carry those

let me carry those

This is another metaphor of the weight I am willing to carry for you. No luggage is enough for me to stop taking all those weight on my shoulders, no readings is thick enough to carry; no laptop is heavy enough to say no to a presentation, nothing is heavy indeed if it is for O.

These are only the few of the things for you, Organizational Communication. And as Jasper would put it, these are all for the love of Orcom!

Happy 25th anniversary to you my love!

(@Organizational Communication – UP Manila)

8 thoughts on “O, my love

  1. Happy birthday Organizational Communication of UP Manila, indeed. I should prolly make my intense entry too, so we can look back at our Tayong Dalawa/Tayong Tatlo days. We totally did a teledrama, since we (Alvina, Noemi, and Ericka) weren’t together at the beginning of the Ondoy trial, but our paths crossed in the end. Hoho whut!

    For now, this is what I did: an entry compiling things we can do to help, particularly for us in NCR. :\ http://mostlynerdy.wordpress.com/2009/09/27/help-mitigate-the-nasty-typhoon-ondoy-crisis-for-filipinos/

  2. talking about that tayong dalawa/tayong tatlo days, we need to act fast to help G of MAG! wooot! :)) — the laughing smiley intended for the MAG thing.

    and heres to agreeing to that teledrama — crossing paths after some time. hahahaha! sounds so pinoy! looooove. thanks for the link! will visit it and will try to help out the best way i can 🙂

  3. that was a lovely post for OrCom, ericka. indeed, the things we do for the love of OrCom. haaay.

    like i said in the other blog, i like the photo documentation. these are visuals that you guys can look back even after graduating from OrCom.

    and oh yes, happy birthday OrCom! we forgot because of Ondoy, that gatecrasher. 🙂

  4. jorron monroy! so strategically done! >:) but that was very intelligent indeed. i might try that too — the way you promote ur site — cos its working, BIG TIME. you are on the number one spot, imagine beating that forever on the top MisOrJobs! good job, Campus Jock 😛

  5. yes sir! that Ondoy gatecrasher ruined plans and is now off somewhere else with a foreign name we wont even know. but if we come to think of it, he made the Philippines unite. i can see all the efforts of everyone trying to help the victims.

    lets all be safe now and see each other for the celebration of our beloved OrCom this Sat, Oct 3. Happy birthday again, O! 😀

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