There is mass collaboration everywhere!

watch house md broken season 6 episode 1 online videos s06e01 6.01 streaming freeI just saw yesterday House’s latest episode entitled Epic Fail. The case in this episode involves a video-game designer named Vince. Vince believed in House as diagnostician but when he found out that he had been taken over by someone else he started posting his symptoms online. He then of course receives online responses and from there he takes in treatment suggestions. That is mass collaboration treatment for you via online!

Ending: Vince got treated of course through one diagnostic suggestion, by none other than, House — resident online diagnostician.

You see how helpful that is. That even if House wasn’t there with his team physically he had helped. But the point is they arrived at a solution by collaborating all that they have to say.

And in connection to that here’s another mass collaboration aka bayanihan for you from the Philippines!

Ways on how people helped victims of Ondoy without leaving house – not the character person:

NOTE: These are only SOME of the people WITHIN my network who helped using new social media but I am sure there are many more out there who did the same.

via Personal blogs:

Bianca Gonzalez

Alvina Antonio

Lea Salonga

via Twitter:

Chris Tiu

Drew Arellano

Saab Magalona

Bubbles Paraiso


Pia Magalona

MYX Philippines

via Facebook:

Lea Calderon

Marla Yap

Janina Mercado

Jorron Monroy

Paula Batalla

Lileth Lobederio

after Ondoy

after Ondoy

Surely they are not everyone because my network is not that big enough to mention all.

Filipinos are indeed good collaborators, put in mind People Power. Filipinos unite when needed it is just sad that it took an Ondoy to make us see this unity. But still, good to know that in a country as poor as ours, people still care. Bayanihan is not yet dead. But let us pray against yet another one, Pepeng. 😦

From House MD to Philippines, mass collaboration it is, indeed.

2 thoughts on “house&House

  1. Mass Collaboration FTW! The fun in helping is knowing that you are not alone–you are with friends who, at the same level as yours, want to help, want to extend arms to those who are in need.

  2. online (Facebook, Twitter SOS) and offline (volunteer work) mass collaboration is almost always an effective combo—something which many brand managers must learn. 🙂

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