Yesterday I was able to watch Fame. Fame is about different stories students who got in PA (performing arts) for their high school year.  In PA, there is a mix  of singers, dancers, actors, and musicians, that mix is what I would like to call mass collaboration.

In the ending part of the movie, there is that one grand production where all performed and that is the best showcasing of mass collaboration through their forte. The musicians started playing their different musical instruments. The singers sang, the actors acted and the dancers danced. And they produced mass collaboration of talent by their performance.

In organizations, though they say that Organizational Communication graduates are said to be jack of all trades, there are still specialization one pursue, or forte one already has. Just like in Fame: some are actors, some are dancers, some are musicians and some are singers. In OrCom: some are in Public Relations, some are in Advertising, some are in Corporate Communication, some are in Human Resources and some are even in the Airline and Hotel industry. And all of those careers have mass collaboration that is in the corporate world.

career paths

In the movie there are also promising students, average students and the weak students. And there are those who show promise in their first years but never seem to progress. Those are the ones who got stuck and I say that in OrCom, all of these instances are just the same.

Strong ones will finally get the job of their dreams, average ones will continue to be working to be the best and the weak ones would find a job where their craft could still be practiced. Because being weak is never an end, being average is yet to be improved and being strong does not tell you to stop.

family frienship love

Fame gave success a different definition. It is not merely getting and having what you want. But success could be friendship, family and love. And in my years of staying in this course, I can say that I have met success in different forms, styles and sizes. In this course I have built friendship, I have gained family and they surely showed me love. Go OrCom!

Told you this one’s emo! 🙂

4 thoughts on “CAUTION: EMO

  1. Woo! Looks like the time you spent watching wasn’t put to waste at all–you were even able to make a school requirement out of it!

    And I love how ARG is in the tags. Bebe!! You know you’re family to me 😉

  2. This is the most cheerful emo post I’ve read in a while, woman! I like how you reminded us that even if we may play different roles, collaboration is the key to success. 🙂

    And oh boy, you just made the first ARG-tagged wordpress entry! Yaaaay!

  3. alvina:

    i like the idea of me being the first one to make that ARG-tagged entry 🙂 you know ARG and Timber have a lot of history :p


    i try to connect my non- academic activities with academics. good thing its that easy. woooot! :p i knoooooooow! las pinas is like my second home because of you! :))


    awwww. that two consecutive modeling stints sort of made us close and i like it 😉 yey!

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