As business people we are reminded of satisfying our employees because they are people needed to be treated as one. That is, employee satisfaction! And customer satisfaction is as important as employee satisfaction. Café world is a Facebook application which I am currently addicted to. Hi Jhe David, Jona Atienza, Fiona Cruz and Paula Batalla! Hi café neighbors 🙂

Every cafe is given a buzz rating which can be equated to customer satisfaction. The higher it is, the more your customers are satisfied with your cafe and the more likely they would come back.

How to satisfy customer in café world:

variety of food you can serve

variety of food you can serve

  • Plenty of food – as chef of your own café, you need to prepare foods for your customer. Produce plenty of food for your customer and if you don’t have any just close your cafe temporarily. That way you satisfy your customer because they wont come back if you serve them nothing. 🙂

beauty and accessibility

beauty and accessibility

  • Proper layout plus presentation – lay out is important cos it is the key to accessibility. If you have a good lay out, most probably your cafe can accommodate more and more customers. If you have a good layout, you can provide enough walkway for customers to walk into, chairs to sit into and tables to eat into.
good customer flow

good customer flow

  • Service speed – the customer flow greatly depends on this service because if you provide a crappy slow service tendency is you have a very poor customer flow. No customer, means no profit! An additional of waiters is provided in café world as you progress in level. Because you will be needing more hands to work as your café expands.
be open!

be open!

  • More doors – more doors allows more customers to enter your café easily. You think single door is enough? Think again, more doors produce a higher buzz rating for you because customers have an easier way of entering your café. Be open! 😀

    visit 'em

    visit 'em

  • Give some love – the bible says love your neighbor as you love yourself. And hell yeah, even in café world, the same rule applies. When you visit your neighbors, not only you gain additional money but you also gain experience points which in turn helps your rating.

But then again, a high profit does not mean high customer satisfaction because you might be earning thousands but your customers are not as much pleased as you. You might be surprised to know that you are earning the wrong way.

Buzz to the right way!


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