edi i-Google mo

I noticed the changes now about the nature of sourcing information. It is not the library anymore. It is not the resident geek anymore whom you sought when you have questions, you check Google. When one asked now about something one does not know about, the reply is as easy as edi i-Google mo.


Here are some sites Google direct me when I have questions like:

Got questions? Google them! But do not forget that some of life’s answers are not all found in the online world. Some life’s lessons are taught by actual experience.

Have yourself a good life 😀

2 thoughts on “edi i-Google mo

  1. where to find love life? edi-igoogle mo! haha. i wish it’s as easy as that, noh? LOL. true. google may be the most reliable source of information right now, but just like what you said, it’s not all-knowing. there are things better learned and questions better answered through actual experience, just like on healing a broken heart. emo much? LOL.

  2. Apart from downloading and uploading photos, music and videos, research is one of the reasons why people go online. library research is now being overtaken by the convenience of online research. and i must agree, google can provide answers to most of our questions. 🙂

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