I wanna be a supermodel

Part of one of the many career choices of OrCom is events management. Party here and party there. Last October 9 and 10, our batch was one of the organizers of two major events – Cirque and Silver Screen: showcasing 25 years of OrCom.



Cirque was organized by Adhere — UP Manila based organization which is composed  mostly of OrCom people headed by OrCom seniors —  in cooperation with QTV. While Silver Screen was organized by this year’s OrCom seniors with the help of ever fabulous Madame Inton and our debate teacher Sir Burn. And I am just so happy that I didn’t just helped in organizing all of these events but I also perform. In those two events I was one of the lucky students picked to be one of the models. Mantra: I wanna be a supermodel.

In Cirque – October 9

I modeled the design of Ms Camille Liwanag from the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. The event was held at One Esplanade near MoA. It carried out a circus or perya theme. There were photo booths where you and your friends can freely have their photos taken. There were food stalls too which serves popcorns and waffles. And there’s the bar with free-flowing drinks but the catch is they serve only mocktails meaning there is no alcohol in the drinks. And it is so in my favor since I have a very low tolerance for alcohol.


The program highlights were the magic show, the guest appearance of a rock band Pedicab and the fashion show where three OrCom seniors – Jess, Ping and I — were included.

In Silver Screen – October 10

Vintage Glam has been the theme for our homecoming party held Angelo King International Center. There was a dinner buffet. There was a glamorous parade of people wearing their old Hollywood dresses. There was a fashion show featuring the bags made by Yako Reyes. There was the reminiscing part. There was the photo wall where all had the chance to have their pictures taken. There was giving of prizes and awards to those who deserve it.


The event became all for a good cause – for the victims of Ondoy and Pepeng. It was a success, not to mention all those postponement – it was twice — because of all those typhoons. It was all possible because of the hard work of everyone.

The events have been telecast and put into newspapers. So … are we celebrities now?

One thing is clear though, that we manage those events well. And that has been events management for you ala OrCom 😀

Work hard, party harder, work (again) the hardest 🙂

One thought on “I wanna be a supermodel

  1. Events Management ala Orcom for the win! 😀 i think that OrCom people could be really that flexible, adaptive and could deliver whatever comes along 😉

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