hey yo!

Dear friends,

I know that this has been a late notice for all of you. Probably some of you already know that I am leaving this coming Monday, October 26, 1230 noontime. But to those who don’t, here, I am saying it now, okay? 😀

Don’t be mad if I haven’t told you before, I don’t want to ruin the surprise. Or are you not surprise?

To my OrCom friends

to orcom

To my non-OrCom friends

non orcomTo people


So I am saying goodbye to all of you. I think I don’t have time for a despedida anymore because I am so running out of time, with all the requirements I need to finish for school and for all the yet to be pack clothes, shoes, bags and everything back home. I would rather treat you when I come back after some years. And I don’t want despedida because it is such a lonely word. After some years, I promise to celebrate a welcome back party where I have more time to prepare and more money to spare. I am so going to be rich, I promise to part some with you. Hahaha.

See you again after X years.


Siony 😛

21 thoughts on “hey yo!

  1. bebe. will help you to pack your things on Friday. Though you broke several promises (i hate you for that), i’ll still help. i just can’t see us parting without seeing each other. i will be there on the ‘day’. :(( lets hug and kiss ha?!!! huhuhu.

    just dont break this promise:


  2. Bebe! I have a keso comment for this entry but my no-drama heart can’t type it down. Hoho hindi tayo nakapag-dinner sa Solomon’s! :\

  3. “I am so going to be rich…” Yessss. ‘Coz you’re richrchrich! 🙂

    I’m so gonna miss you Bebe! I’m just glad that we’re 152 groupmates! Party in our house this coming Friday or Saturday or both? Haha! ❤

  4. type it down. type it down. HAHAHAHAH!
    yeah, we were not able to because I have a class and I was responsible to attend 😛 KID! We should bond before I go. I hope there was still more time though.

  5. Bebe! I never thought this would be too soon.. you really surprised me, you won’t be here anymore on NEW MOON DATE! We’re gonna miss you! 😀 Keep safe and God bless you! 😀

  6. thank you thank you thank you 😀
    i love the people here in this comment part.
    i love you jeanne, ayessa, alvna, janina and jona!
    i love also those who are not and those who are soon to comment 😛
    i am so going to miss you 😦
    this is all too sudden but everything happens for a reason and i would like to believe that way til i actually know why these changes need to happen 😀

  7. Bebe, I’m so sleepy right now but I can’t help but comment on this. I am so gonna miss you.

    Should my mom consider migration plans again in Canada, let’s be flatmates, okay? HAHA. I am of legal age so I can simply leave home. Woot! Pero since mukhang malabo pa yun mangyari, kami muna ni ate Lou ang flatmates. HAHA

    Let’s make 152 Comm Plan making a GREAT BONDING EXPERIENCE.

    Take care! and God bless 🙂

    After all this stress, i shall again be active in Cafe World. Let’s be neighbors forever! HAHA

  8. melancholic ako, pero di kita dadramahan. for a change? kasi ayaw mo naman ng madrama ko eeeh. haha. we will miss you bebe, and we’ll be waiting for your return 🙂 or if we get rich bigtime dalaw dalawin ka namin dun! Taas! 😀

    love you, SG founder and my twin tower 🙂

  9. Whoa. I can not be more surprised. I thought you’re coming back. I feel sad tuloy, I won’t be seeing you in CAS again. Believe it or not, you remind me of home (and how close it is). Ha ha weird. Anyway, thanks for all your help (the pre-College tips and Comm stuff)! I see how much you love your family to give up what you have now. They’re lucky to have you! Hug Kim for me. Take care! I’ll miss you 🙂

    P.S. Don’t forget me when you’re rich. Hahaha! A nice sandals or dress would be okay for Christmas! Hihi. 😛


    hugs and kisses. (though timber don’t usually do that) :))

    TIMBER ❤ you won't be replaced. EVER 😀

  11. it’s been what? years! since I’ve known of that migrating plan, but I never thought that day would come with us caught unprepared. And yes I have a keso comment too, but I won’t place it in this comment box. well, keep strutting, gorgeous.

  12. hey bebe. it was nice spending time with you, esp in 132. hoho.
    ingat much. will miss you.

    haha. ang hirap magcomment. i just want to say ingat without being too cheesy. i am not made to be one. hoho.

    see you. =)

  13. Hay Ericka. I shall sorely miss you. And don’t forget us when you’re all rich and fabulous. HAHA. I will really really really miss our bus bonding days! Love you bebe! 🙂

  14. hey. So you’re leaving soon, too soon. I’m gonna miss you ate E.
    You don’t need valuable gifts in order to be valued. You are worth SOMETHING.
    Something that WORDS could never represent. I owe you a lot for spending and dedicating some of your time with us. Let’s keep in touch.
    ‘ see you soon ! ‘ be safe.
    Always use your magic weapon that I’ll surely miss–YOUR SMILE. 🙂

  15. By the time that im writing this, i am sure that you are busy packing your things. I know we did not spend so much time together like what you had with others. But I am equally saddened that you are leaving.

    One more thing to share: Last sat evening (ung evening na minessage kta about 133 class proj grade at overnight namin @ kath’s place with kla jorron alps), I dreamed that I was with you and Jorron. We were going somewhere daw, hindi ko na maalala kung saan. Weird part:When I woke up, Kla said I was calling Jorron’s name daw while sleeping.huhu! creepy ahahaha!

    I probably dreamed of you because I was thinking of you, your situation, and how it’s like to be in your shoes at this point of our college life. But I really admire your positive outlook. Tama, magpakayaman at magpakasaya pagbalik dito.

    I’ll surely miss you. You’ll always be the bebe of OrCom Silver Batch. Have a safe trip and don’t forget to enjoy it.

  16. You make me cry. I hate you.
    Sorry I wont be able to go to NAIA before you leave.

    I will miss having crepes with you.
    I will miss our running to the movie house to catch a movie we randomly decided to watch.
    I will miss your fast walking.
    I will miss your contagious ‘punto’.
    I will miss you asking me, ‘sasaya ka ba dyan?’.
    I will miss planning boy escapades with you.
    I will miss you telling me, ‘galingan mo talaga dyan a!’.
    I will miss us betting on boys.
    I will miss us scoring on boys.
    I will miss your being ‘bastos’, you know.
    I will miss our fun kwentuhans.
    I will miss our laughs.
    I will miss you, REALLY.

    Alam mo na ‘yan.
    See you soon! 😛

  17. Bebe! Team P. Maybe it was a blessing that I was able to partner with you for our debate class (SP133). I’ll remember our practices during last year’s TRP! Indayog will always share the joy of being champions there with you. We\ll miss you a lot. Friends do say goodbye, and friends do wait for your return. 😀 Be your happiestORCOMbest! 🙂

  18. naalala ko bigla ung overnyt ntn kina berna. kung panu tayo naging sardines sa kama dhil kay etong! HAHA. bebe, u know im not ma-drama, sbi mo nga masaya lang ako. haha. pero i want u to know that i’m missing you. and our V.I.P moments. paka-yaman ka there a. uwian mo ko boys. haha. iloveyou bebe. 🙂

  19. this is why i love SNS. your presence is still much felt, bebe. like you didn’t really leave. we’ll surely miss you. but hey! this is why the internet is invented.. to bridge the gap between people, between us most especially. 🙂 you take care! 🙂

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