time wrap

Some things in life just happen.

I happen to move and I happen to be in a different place. And while others stayed put, I moved.

And the next thing I should have been doing right now is accepting it and moving on with my life so I would know how it feels like to live in the present.

Sure, new social media helps me a lot by connecting me with the past but I can’t be stuck like this. Because if I would allow myself to be stuck up with that, I wouldn’t be able to improve myself and discover the surprises of my abilities.

For months now I have been living with the past. Always hanging on to questions like where would I have been working, granted I graduated from my dream school. Wondering if I would have pursued a career I sometimes dreamt about. Thinking if my parents would have been proud of a daughter who finished college and had a very prized degree that most people don’t even know existed.

But I am over it.

Now I am starting to live with the present with new friends but not forgetting the old ones. I may not talk to them a lot like we used to, but they would forever be part of who I am and the person I came to be after our so many encounters in our pasts.

Soon I will go back to school and there would be a lot to learn and a lot to adjust to but the knowledge from my university would always remain. From academic knowledge to social knowledge to street knowledge or whatever knowledge you got back there at the top of your head, I still have it. I will never lose it. I am keeping it.

The past makes the present possible and the future foreseen. When I said that I wanted to live the present I meant that I wanted to live life the way I should, the decision I should have had long since I came.

This all happened anyway, so what the heck.

See you after a couple of years.

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