Gender is fluid and so am I

Let me get one thing clear first I am writing this not to imply anything. It is just because I had this weird dream last night plus I had always enjoyed the gender and sexuality courses I had back in my program.

About the dream, it was about Teddy Montgomery. And while I am not sure why I had him in my dream, I am certain what I saw in my dream and that was Teddy Montgomery turning out to be gay after dating Erin Silver. Who are they? Watch 90210 🙂

But you might ask where does this dream come from? I think it is because of too much gossip reading online. It is one of my stupid hobbies. I read this one article spoiling about the new season of 90210 and it says that one of the main guy characters will turn out to be gay. And maybe my subconscious mind has all the idea on who it is going to be, it speaks Teddy Montgomery. If ever this dream comes true, oh my, then I am probably psychic.

But 90210 is not the only TV show I know that tackles gender issues and sexuality. I know, I know, gender and sexuality are two different things. Anyway, this issue is like a trend already in most TV shows. Come to think of it, House has Thirteen (Olivia Wilde), Desperate Housewives has Andrew (Shawn Pyfrom), Glee has Kurt (Chris Colfer), Pretty Little Liars has Emily (Shay Mitchell), Grey’s Anatomy has Callie (Sara Ramirez), Gossip Girl has Eric (Connor Paolo). OK. STOP. FREEZE. Which TV show actually does not have gender issues in it? You might name some but not a lot, I guess.

It goes to show that it is not really much of a big deal anymore. It is actually not an issue like the old days where “gays” are thrown into fire, stoned to death or whatever punishment the “straight” people could think of.

Gender is likely and able to change, it is not settled and there is absolutely nothing wrong whatever it is that a person prefers.

As the cliché-est quote I have in mind says:

There is nothing permanent in this world but CHANGE.

Even gender is allowed to.

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