my first kiss went a little like this

This post is about first kiss specifically mine — how it was a wonderful experience and how I would always remember. And if ever I have given the chance to do it all over again, it would perfectly be the same as I had it. Seriously.

You know what they say about your first kiss. Like popping your one foot up, skipping a heartbeat and the famous butterflies in the stomach? They were all true, at least for me. I am one of the lucky people who had their first kiss with a person that I actually like, like really, genuinely like.

It happened in a movie theater. I know it is not something romantic as it may seem but let me go on for a bit more. Because I am a total drama queen I had picture having my first kiss in a very special way like in the movies and not in a movie house! Oh the irony! Anyway, guess what was playing then? It was actually your friendly neighborhood, Spiderman. (Movies are very important part of my life I sometimes based my decisions in life on them, honestly). I have not really gotten much thought about the first kiss. I never stressed about when I would be getting it. I felt pretty neutral about the whole idea of the first. But when it happened, boy, I wish it would not stop! And I wish I had done it a long time ago.

It was the nicest feeling I had in my life, well actually, it comes as a runner up after passing UPCAT of course – but that’s a total different story.

It was summer then when I made out – for the first time — with a boy that, I guess, was experienced enough to teach me what to do but I was a natural. I think I did pretty well. I CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT IT – when I wake up, before I go to bed, when I eat, when I chill with my friends, when I watch TV, when I watch movies, when I go online, even in my dreams, I even dream about it!!! It was like Facebook, it was so addicting.

I look forward to doing it again and again but the first time was special. It opens to a greater sense of connection. A connection that only you would know. A connection that if you would just appreciate and care for would take you to greatest lengths possible. And now that connection has proven, thus far, how a simple touching of the skin provides connection that is worth and mine to keep.

It has been four years now and I am still seeing the same boy I discovered that connection with and I can still feel that same connection since the first kiss strongly even when we are at both ends of the world – literally.


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