Students struggle to juggle York and work (inspired by a newspaper article)

Sorry for the profanities but I am way too pressured to care.

This is not a happy post.

It is exactly 1:39 pm in my clock right now and I had to go to work at 3. I had to do four papers all due on Friday and I have not started any. I finish at 11 pm today, walk by myself out in the cold. By the time I reach my house, all my energy would be all sucked up by my 8 hour shift and I would have no energy to read even a single page for my paper let alone write one.

This has been going on for a month now and I must say, it ain’t easy, honey. You think that you have a full time workload at school, you study in the top university in the country, you have exams weekly, you have papers due now and then, you have to do presentations and all and you think that’s killing you? You say you are tired and you don’t have time for your social life? Well imagine all that while you pay your own phone bills, you pay for your share in the rent, you pay for your insurance (cos you hope and pray that this is a good investment), you pay for your line of credit, your membership in the gym .. more more and more bills.

You think that studying alone is difficult? You are very wrong, smart ass. Well life is way harder on this side of the world where you try to juggle work and school just to survive. In this race though I know there are a lot of us. But I don’t want to be part of it anymore, like seriously what does this make me? It makes me ugly, stressed and all the negative things in the world, it’s like I am sucking up all the carbon in the world. I am afraid I am going to die sooner than my life expectation.


I came across this while having lunch at school and you know why it caught my attention. HALLELUJAH!!! I AM NOT ALONE!!!

So to you who is reading this, who complains about their introduction, thesis statement, term papers, research papers, shut up, SHUT THE F*CK*N HELL UP because that’s nothing compared to the real world which by the way really exist. You are one lucky bitch because you don’t get to work while you study. But for those who are one of the less fortunate ones, I salute you, you are one awesome son of a bitch and by the time we finish school, we could kick the asses of the BIG BOSSES and we shall soon take over the world (OK THIS IS TOO MUCH). But still, you hell rock!!!

And to all the full time students (and I mean JUST STUDENTS, NO WORK cos I am a full time student too but I have work), just try to be more appreciative of what you have –not that I have anything against you or not that I am saying you chose to be like that – try not to complain often and if you can help out in the house, the world would be a greener place (plus you might not know it, cash from the ‘rents would be a good trade). You are one lucky bastard. I envy you because I used to be you. But things change and here I am now moping around and dragging myself to both school and work.

Hope it does not happen to you. Now, I am going to drag myself out.

With all the bitterness there is, GOODBYE!!!  PEACE!!!

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