autographs are love they make me laugh

And because I am one happy bunny I shall write a happy post as opposed to yesterday’s angst-y one. Just because I felt productive yesterday means I can sort of take some time off work and use this as my leisure time.

Before, we knew “testis” (testimonials) from Friendster, messages on multiply and the “wall-ing” in Facebook, but  when the internet culture came upon us human beings, we then forgot that there is nothing more personal than the writings in our…  autographs!!!!

Autographs are love, they make me laugh (oha oha it’s a rhyme!!)

Autographs are very essential part of one’s childhood especially those elementary years and those awkward early high school years. But those days are gone thanks to new social media (bleeeerrrgh!!)

But in case you wanted a good laugh right now and you are feeling blue, I have some of the best ones (that is mine and my cousins’ and sister’s)

Credits to Janina Babes and to the she’s charmed and dangerous. Oh, you will get what I am talking about, just so you wait.

Here comes the deadly “banats” “time is gold” “judge me” “M.T.M” and the like!!! Here we go:

take note: beyonce, "esau" and my goal OMG bata pa lang ako I wanted to enter UP na!!!

here's the classic example of a banat. pls see dedication part :))



the infamous time is gold and judge me WAHAHAHA

i jussssttt died WAHAHAHAAH aylabyu to death my sister!!! 😀


I know you love it!


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