people are people (not the store)

People are difficult like way difficult.


I am currently working at Tim Hortons and it is not the coolest job on earth. But hey who’s complaining when all the moolah I use to pay for all my luxuries in life like that cute parka from TNA and that red doc martens over there. Oooooohh, okay I will stop right there. But going back to my job, at my work place, I serve coffees. I make bagels. I am part of the storefront team. Sometimes I wish I could be a baker staying at the back room, talking to the donuts, muffins and bagels they are going to make than dealing with all the people that even hit on you while you work – like seriously man, can you even be more desperate? There are clubs and bars  if you want to hook up you know.


Every single day I have to be tough meaning I have to hold back what I have to say when customers are being the most stupid person on the planet. Like seriously when I asked you anything else and you say yes. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO ORDER MORE AND NOT TO DRIVE UP and get anywhere near the pick up window and when you say no, PLEASE STOP ORDERING DOZEN MORE DONUTS AND DRINKS.




There are a number of times I caught myself holding back the tears because of customers abusing my kindness because they know I CANNOT TALK BACK. It’s just sad when I know I am smarter than they are for the simple reason I know the meaning when I am asked anything else. But a job’s a job and until I am done school I need to suck it all up and hope one day I see these people and I will teach them the proper way to answer anything else.


The reason for this post was for me to remember this very day and the two people who were so dumb who abused my kindness limit for the day. First was the Chinese Dad who had a gazillion pennies. Can I just tell you Chinese Dad, TIM HORTONS IS NOT A BANK. THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOUR PENNIES. So please refrain from asking what’s wrong with me when I missed on counting your stupid change! The bank’s right down the block by the way. Thank you.


And to you, Grandma-Canadian-wanna-be-but-failed, DO NOT COMPLAIN THAT THERE WAS CREAM IN YOUR COFFEE AND NOT MILK. First, I DID NOT MAKE THAT COFFEE OF YOURS and secondly, YOUR SCARF DOES NOT MATCH YOUR JACKET! EXCUSE ME! So please stop preaching in my store, this is not the church. I want to repeat for emphasis, THIS IS NOT THE CHURCH. It’s actually two blocks more to your east. Thank you.


But since at Tim Hortons we need to be courteous and to be polite as possible — a proof is the constant saying of “please” and “thank you” – these rants are only available online where Chinese dad and Grandma-Canadian-wanna-be-but-failed cannot have access to.


It is hard to stay positive in this kind of work environment but I must say that the management at least is trying to fix itself I mean internally. At least the workers have respect to one another. That is fair enough.


To end this post I would like to thank God for Chinese Dad and Grandma-Canadian-wanna-be-but-failed because without these kinds of people, I won’t learn how to be tough and to suck it all up because there would be a lot of these ugly people in the real world.


My day ended pretty well, it was raining and cold and I was walking to the bus stop from the gym. I saw the bus coming and there was like 95% chance I would miss it but the kind bus driver waited for me – I thank her and I pray that God bless her — because if she did not, I would have waited 30 minutes more before the next bus comes and please note it’s like 2 Degrees Celsius outside tonight. Thank you Lord that there are a few of them left. Please let me be one. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “people are people (not the store)

  1. Hi Ericka! I’m sure I’m not one to talk, but you know, customers are being in their bratty selves. I know this is just one obstacle. You’ll be better; things will be better. :>

    I miss you. 😦

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