trick or treat

Yesterday, October 28, I went for my first costume party here in Canada. I dressed up as a pirate while my friends dressed up as matching sailors. Outside was 5 Degrees Celsius but we were all showing some bare skin because that was part of the sexy costume. Everyone else did.


First Canadian Halloween


We reached the club called On the Rox by riding a school bus from York University. It was more like a field trip but with teenagers — more like young adults actually — whose hormones were uncontrollable and with blood intoxicated with alcohol. It was fun while it lasted it was like the olden College Embassy days. I am happy I went, the experience was great. I had clean fun.

And because I am in a country that is liberated, you can see from the doors of the club couples, maybe strangers even, grinding each others’ private parts. The act of dry humping is not fun to watch at all so I did what I had to do, ignore and move on. I tried so hard but everywhere I look there they were, multi racial people grinding and dry humping.


Not that no one was interested to dance with me there was a number of the opposite sex actually who went at my back grabbed me by the waist and .. before they even get to that grinding move, I am already taken boy was made clear already by me. I was not just interested. I am perfectly happy with whatever relationship I have.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a party pooper I just don’t feel like grinding my ass into someone else’s private part when I am in a happy true and real relationship.

By the end of the night, while my friends were all talking and gushing about how this cute boy asked her this question and how this hot guy tried to kiss her, I on the other hand, opened my laptop, signed in to my instant messaging account and met up with the most special person that I would always love to come home to (with or without dry humping at that WAHAHAAHAH).

And he never fails me. He’s always there waiting for me, just one buzz away.

8 thoughts on “trick or treat

  1. bebe! this is just so sweet! meh. inulit ko lang yung sabi ni loulou! haha. and ang cool lang ng halloween party! haha. meron din kami sa office, i decided to go as a nun. conservative eh. LOL

    • PAAAAAUUUULLLAAA!!! is ur costume a hot nun? OHNOOO. parang blasphemy ATA yun pag ganun no?

      WOW!! eto ba ung ikaw ang nagoorganize? or thats a diff thing?

  2. Looking hot as ever, Ericka! Werk it! :> Gosh, I love your costume! As well as the sailor costumes! :>

    On the nasty club goers, err, I just figured that what they call a “room” is the bar. Ain’t cool. Such a bummer.

    Anyhow, I’m happy that things with E are turning out so well. ❤


      Halloween was not the same without you guys! Dressing up would be more fun with you though. Next time we’ll do that! HOPEFULLY!! 😀 How was your Halloween going so far?

      Super different culture here. Imagine the worst pervs in Embassy were nothing compared sa clubs dito. I know you know what I’m saying. Haha.

      I can never be happier as to how things are going between us. GO FIGHT WIN!!! <3<3<3

      • Halloween here? Uhm, lotsa people played dress-up, but I dint. Arven, Lou, and I just drank last Friday. We downed a cocktail tower and realized how we consumed it like a fruit juice. Hahaha. 😀

        Awww, what would I not give just to party with you again? 😦 Yeah, I bet there’s a huge cultural difference evident basing from your post. : |

        As for E, fight and win! :> Don’t let it fade away. :>

  3. Awww I love this post 🙂 I LOLd at the dry humping observation hahaha!! :))

    Happy Halloween bebe! I miss your cute, witty comebacks and especially, you! Go fight fight talaga!! 🙂

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