Good mooooorni… OH WAIT, where am I again?

What do you do when you wake up?

Think a few thoughts. Brush your teeth. Pray. Sleep again. Check the time. Turn the alarm off. Stretch. Take a shower. Eat breakfast. Rush to work or school. Look at your partner. Wonder where you are.

People do different things and they are expected to. People have different interpretations about things and it would remain like that. Reality is subjective. We co-create it along with other more factors.

The last part of the first paragraph would always be the closest one I can get myself into every day when I wake up. I am actually confused most of the time and sometimes it takes a while for me to realize what exactly is happening.  You see, familiarity is developed through time and it has been taking me longer than what I expected to adjust.

In the morning, most of the time, I asked where am I exactly like I am this blank slate waiting to be filled up with information so I can go through within the day, there is always no certainty.

I lost the familiarity of being sure about something. Like when you wake up you are exactly sure what you are going to do for the day, say, going to school, finishing these lined up home works, going to work then hanging out with friends.


But when information hit, it is like a rush of cold water pour over me. Then I wake up, I stand up and I realize, indeed, this is my reality and I have to do my part of co-creation within the moment. I am making my reality and I hope one day, the familiarity would set back in again leaving me with no more confused mornings.

Sometimes dreaming is so much better.

2 thoughts on “Good mooooorni… OH WAIT, where am I again?

  1. I’ll pray for all your mornings, Bebe… That they may be filled with nothing but hope and happiness that there will always be a tomorrow and people who loves you. 🙂 Miss you! ♥

    • awwwww we’re so gay I LOVE EEEETTTTT!!! ❤ ❤

      Judy alam kong kahit gaano pa tayo kabastos, we know the power of prayers and how God put everything else into place.

      I MMMEEESSSSYYYOOUUU!! timber 1/4

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