He’s my Carl and she’s my Ellie


“You remind me so much of your mom when she was young and I miss her” (a scene from Cougar Town(S02EP06): Jules and her dad)


How many times have I cried because of old people?


There is something about them that is so endearing and different. They have all these knowledge that I would never gain access to, be it in books or at school. I would only learn it from them. That is one reason I love talking to old people, it makes much more sense.

My favorite old person in the world is my grandfather from my father side. We call him “ama” meaning “father” in Filipino language. Every time I come home during my College days, he would cook for us. He knows exactly what we love and how to satisfy our taste buds. I remember the experience as always a fun one with, of course, Janina J and Kim. The usual game plan was to go to church on a Saturday then have dinner which Ama prepared for us.

I don’t know if things changed for them since we moved but last month, I was able to see him via New Social Media. We skype-d! It was so cute that he even dressed up nicely while we were on our regular clothes.

I remember one of the scenarios clearly in my head and a lot of times I repeat it over and over again because it is one proof that there is still a person who loves truly and people who stay in their marriages. My grandparents have been married for over 50 years. We celebrated their Golden Anniversary when I was still in High School.


ama and tito cery


So this is what happened that brought me into tears and made me hope that one day my relationship would turn up to be like theirs. Ama was telling us stories about his usual day and then his voice started to mumble and then I noticed he was wiping his eyes (see last picture at your right) and even if he denied it, I knew right then and there that he was crying. He was scared. He was scared for my grandmother’s life. My grandmother’s sick and recently her legs were cut due to complications of diabetes.

Ama to my aunts:

Kung pwede e umuwi kayo kahit paisa- isa lang ng makita niyo ang Ina kaysa naman huli na ang lahat diba? Pero nasa sa inyo pa din yan.

(If it’s possible please come home so you could see her. Come while you still have the chance to before it gets too late)

Then I can’t watch anymore because it breaks my heart to see Ama broke down. I always thought of him as this strong person who I always look up to. He always took care of us, his grandchildren.

I had always hoped that my marriage would turn out to be like Ellie and Carl’s from the movie UP! but I always had questions whether it is ever achievable these days. I know this is not rocket science because LOVE IS MORE THAN THAT. My grandparents proved me that love can stay true for a long time. They are my Ellie and Carl.

For better or for worse, ‘til death do us part.

That’s why you got to love old people. THEY SIMPLY ROCK!!

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