The Amazing Race

Yesterday my favorite team from this season’s amazing race did not make it to the next round. It deeply saddens me. My favorite team: Kevin Jumba and dad.

they did not make it last night 😦

Why I like them?

  1. Because of the obvious, they are ASIANS. REPRESENT!!!
  2. I love old people and in this season, Kevin’s dad was one of the old people who struggled through the challenges, so inspiring!
  3. The combination of a wise dad and a smart kid is simply adorable but I do not identify.
  4. Kevin is like the regular kid but he is popular because of his blog that makes me think I can be popular too because of my blog.

But this dad and son tandem is nothing compared to this:

next winners of the amazing race! team to beat!

This is the smart law schoolboy and Canadian babe tandem.

Why you like them?

  1. They are the most competitive people you will ever meet. They will eat you haunt you and destroy you.
  2. They are brutally wild to handle.
  3. They are actual ninjas.
  4. They are desperate for the price money.

Arvin Razon and I have a very weird relationship. We enjoy doing almost the same things but he is slightly the smarter version of me (OK maybe not slightly). We watch movies together, we enjoy karaoke-ing, we love watching the same TV shows, we shop for cheap things (yeah we’re cheap like that), we sleep together (not what you’re thinking!!!), we do the most humiliating things ever together. He understands me the way I wanted to be understood and hopefully I do the same.

And we both share the same thing: we want to be filthy rich with a passion! One day as we struggle our way through MRT and LRT (public transportation in the Philippines) to get to an interview it suddenly occurred to us this brilliant idea. We thought we could be instant millionaires by joining Amazing Race since we were so competitive and we move fast from different places (actually we also have this other instant millionaire dream, to join the American Idol with one more of our good friend, Arven Eusebio). This other dream came to be one time we were karaoke-ing.

We are serious about this dream but I don’t know when can we fulfill it because until now I am still trying to figure out how they cast the people who join the race. For those who know, I would be the happiest to hear from you.

Please help my friend and I reach for our dream! THANK YOU!

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