Cartoon: the building block of movie whoring

When I say that I love movies, it is with a passion, a passion that I don’t know who could ever understand. It is an addiction for me like alcoholics have for alcohol. But before I went to being passionate about movies, my foundation would be what most normal kids would have, CARTOONS!!!

the sister and the brother I never had

When I was a grade schooler my mornings consist of Cow and Chicken plus my favorite morning cereal Koko Krunch. Audiences watch TV because they identify with the show (Grossberg, 2006). But there is no way that I identify with cow and chicken’s half bodied parents. Half body with only the lower part. Until now it is such a mystery to me where their heads are and how do they look like but hey who’s complaining when they have animal kids? Cow and chicken are technically brothers and sisters that you can categorize in the stupid and more stupid category but that make the show fun. Whatever adventures they have, Cow and Chicken would always claim a spot in my list.

"hi mom and dad, where are your heads?"

I always find the beauty of going out every afternoon playing with friends, biking with them and all the outdoor activities you can think of, even fishing. But while growing up especially during my high school years I became more conscious about my physical appearance since that is all that matters for the opposite sex. I have a very tan complexion as opposed to the fair complexion boys like. So during the summer instead of going out under the sun, I stayed in and hoped that my complexion would fair. I decline all the outdoor invitation from my friends and bum around the house. And this is how I met Arnold. Arnold and I bonded all summer long, we met every four in the afternoon. And though our meetings are short, it is mostly enjoyable. Hey Arnold! is another cartoon show that makes me happy after my infatuation with Cow and Chicken. From the issues of misadventures of brothers and sisters it went to grade-school-solving problems (I know I really am a late bloomer). There is just something about his football head that simply is irresistible.

my arnold 🙂

And who would have thought in College I would still be attached to this graphical creatures who talk stupidly with their petty arguments? I will forever love Spongebob Squarepants. He was the one who helped me make it through those College-depressing-days when I think that presentations and papers would not stop. He helped me, rather both he and Patrick the Star coped with my life’s most stressful moments. I know it might sound a bit too much but they are my comfort.


What’s in a cartoon?

  • It is a no brainer thing to watch. It does not demand too much use of your brain.
  • It is just so colorful even when you put the volume down you would still be entertained.
  • When you are a kid that is the only thing you are allowed to watch. NO PORN!!

— And when you are a kid, you are easy to please with no judgments whatsoever in the show

Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells

and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows

— John Betjeman

smartasses 😉

There are a lot of cartoons that I wanted to include but these are the ones that I have seen and remember the most. Now, I have not completely let go of cartoons because I am currently addicted to Phineas and Ferb but I somehow moved on to TV shows (but that is completely a different story). But engaging into this cartoons when I was younger helped me appreciate the beauty of staying in on a Friday night, lying on the couch while watching one more classic black and white film 🙂


Thank you Lord that I can see.

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