Meeting each other halfway

Last summer the movie going the distance was released together with a lot of better films. This however caught my attention because of the obvious. I thought, well I could relate given their situation. It is indeed about long distance affair but it is nothing compared to the real thing. Erin (Drew Barrymore) and Garrett (Justin Long) met and fell in love but they have to overcome this long distance affair. But what the heck, they live in the same country for Christ’s sake that being America. Their need for attention, sex, affection, love and other thing else are the same as real couples have, yes, relatable, but how far can San Francisco and New York be?

And to think that this movie is about long distance, bullshit, it is not. There is nothing wrong really except the fact that their issues are so petty maybe they should have dug more deeply about their plot or story or maybe the issues, yes the issues are simply blaaaaah. I was expecting more emotional engagement than what they have shown. I went to watch by myself hoping I would get a good cry and release all the emotional stress I am getting from my situation. I was hoping for empathy and identification but I got out with dissatisfaction and more feelings suppressed.

I don’t really know what I was thinking when I got myself into this situation, the long distance love fiasco. All my life I have never known how it is to be in a relationship let alone have one. But I braved it. We braved it. And thanks to my friends I am not afraid (EMINEM??). I thought that if they can do it, I can too. It’s like presentations for major courses and they presented first before I did and they did it.

Relationships last long because two brave people made a choice: to keep it, to fight for it and to work for it (via Eunice’s FB stat)

My closest friends in College had very successful relationships to date.Β I am not sure if they would be happy me posting these but well here it goes:

Eunice and Joe

Judy and Kevin

Kevin and Jel

Honestly I look up to these couples. They are the happy and strong couples I have known in my life. And I do not want to put any pressure on them but you know, I am an amateur here so I need models. Models that may not be perfect but those that have real experiences they can spare to share. I had seen how they had arguments and how they hated each other so much but at the end of the day all’s well. Kiss and make-up. They remind me what’s being in a relationship is all about and how they have been keeping it amidst all the evil exes, the slutty flirts, the unstoppable dudes, and all the other manipulative kontrabidas (maybe DOTA) in the love life world.

I pray that God bless my friends and my relationship as well. This is he and I going the distance. And this is not for some publicity movie like San Francisco and NewYork bullshit. This is the Philippines Canada thing, the real thaaang! NEEEAAAAAAAT! πŸ˜€

Edward and Ericka


18 thoughts on “Meeting each other halfway

  1. AWWWW THAAAAANNKKKSSS LILOULOU and I pray that you find your ka-meeting each other halfway too πŸ˜‰

    everything will be alright so dont be sad πŸ˜€

  2. AWWWW… super touched naman ako. hahaha! Super nice blog post bebe. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the mention.

    And thanks also to lou for labeling us ‘model relationships’. haha! πŸ™‚

  3. Awwwww shet shet shet ka bebe… I LOVE YOUUU!!! :_____D And you know what, Edward and Ericka is actually the epitome of true love… Kayo ang model hindi kami!!! Despite the distance, all is well on both sides. And we, you friends, can feel the oozing and overflowing love you have for each other (dami kasing wall-to-wall eh) LOL Haha but you know bebe, it doesn’t matter if you’re with each other everyday or you go on date every night… What matters most is this: EVERYTIME YOU WAKE UP, AND BEFORE YOU SLEEP, HE IS THE ONLY MAN IN YOUR MIND AND YOUR WHOLE DAY AND ALL THE OTHER DAYS OF YOUR LIFE SHALL BE SPENT TO DO ONE THING… Make him happy. πŸ™‚ And so, it’s not about the distance after all… It’s about the faith that no matter where you might be, Pilipinas man o Canada, YOU ARE LOVED BY SOMEONE WHOM YOU LOVE AS MUCH. <–sorry na nagblog na ako dito. Hahahaha. But really, God bless your relationship with Edward, bebe. I saw in him (nung nameet namin siya sa Rob) that HE is truly, madly, deeply, and crazily (cueshe??) in love with you. Only you, bebs!!! And we love you too… Mwaaah! Thanks again, bebe. You made my 2010! πŸ˜‰


    Jud (in behalf of Kev) πŸ™‚

    • “My closest friends in College had very successful relationships to date. I am not sure if they would be happy me posting these but well here it goes:”

      babe i am so not happy to you posting.
      you know why??

  4. euuuunice!! I MISS YOU!!! haha. gaygaygaygaygayyyy.

    kahit minsan hindi ko na alam bat kayo galit ni joe lagi namang naayos yun at dahil diyan.. tenenneneen YOU ARE MY IDOL. nakakainis pa ung term e pero totoo. oh, bawal umiyak parang pag natapakan ang paa sa LRT :)) KONEK??

    pero in all seriousness, sa dami dami ng pinagdaanan niyo ni joe grabe kayo pa din isa lang ibig sabihin niyan, kayo na talaga. your commitment inspires me, ibang klase! πŸ™‚

  5. judeeee,

    thanks for the blog inside my blog WAHAHAHAAHAH

    I LOVE YOU TOOOO!!! sorry kevin kami na ni jud. wooohhhoooohhooo. alam naman nating sa timber na ikaw talaga ang leader sa mga ganyan, naalala ko pa lahat ng cards at kung ano ano pang pakulo mong nalalaman at iniimbento sa ngalan ng pag ibig. pero it takes dedication to do all that kahit na minsan ay wala namang kapalit. pero im so happy for you that you found yourself a man and not a boy na ikaw na ang nililibre at ikaw na ang inaalagaan. LOL. you deserve it at alam ko namang aalagaan ka ni kev talaga. hinay hinay lang sa togetherness dahil magkamuka na kayo, twins??? shempre hinabaan ko din ang reply ko nahiya kasi sa comment mo e.

    miss you!!

    pa-hi kay kev!



    at kelan naman yang pagkikita na yan? yan ba ung sa transcript ko pa? diba kami hawig din?:))

    • Awwww… I love you too talaga bebe! Hahaha :DDD May man na talaga ako at ndi nalang basta boy. Hahaha! πŸ˜€ Ikaw din! Hehe. Iba kasi ang true love kesa sa mga kung anik anik na kalandian nung kabataan pa natin. Hahahaah :)) At oo nga hinay hinay lang kami… Kayo din??? LOLLLL Pwedeng wag na kayo maghinayhinay? Hahaha pleazze??? Hahaha. πŸ˜€ Hay nako bebe oo kamuka mo si Edward, kaya lang parang siya since birth nagpapayong na pag nalabas ng bahay. Amputi eh. HAHAHAHAHA :)))) Miss youuu Bebeeee… Mwahmwah!!! :* Pa-hi din kay Ed… Ed??? Dahil kume-Kev ka dyan. LOOOL πŸ˜€

  6. Pingback: “For it is in love, that people believe they are more than just humans.” « exCOMMUNICADO.

  7. Man this is sooo sweet babe. πŸ™‚ I hope you and Edward well. Please go home soon πŸ™‚ Kevin and I would love to do a double date =) I LOVE YOU MY BABEEEEE HAHAHAHA SORRY EDWARD =)) CALL HER OTHER NAMES JUST NOT BABE.

  8. Aw. ❀ Your relationship with Edward will stay strong as long as you want it to be Bff. Hang in there.

    Sana in the near future, magka-blog post din ako about being in a relationship — haha.

  9. arvin: hellloooo as if talaga :)) WAHAHAHA alam naaa!!!

    BABE!! i know BABE is only for you πŸ˜› E keeps on using it, hindi humanap ng sarili niyang tawag e. walang originality. haha!

    wyyyynnniiiieee!! i know soon meron na din yan. OMG that guy’s so gonna be lucky cos you waited for him long enough. must be special. e si mr atenista-party-boy ba? πŸ˜›

    nash – sino kaya ang gagawa ng big gesture na yan? i dont wanna think about it 😐 haha

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