I am no Penelope

When I was on my first year in High School, I had a book report about the Odyssey. Most of you might have read it because it is a classic by Homer. As for me I read the condensed version. I never thought about it so much because at that time, only two things mattered to me : grades and food. Yes, that was how shallow I was. I was the ultimate grade conscious student on the face of the earth.

the book, not the condensed version though

I finished reading it and wrote the report and then hand it in to the teacher. But now that it came to my mind, I remember how my report was all about. It was about Odysseus the all mighty and powerful hero who fought at Troy. You see, it was as if all the credits were drawn to Odysseus, but when you come to think about it more it should be more to Penelope (the wife). I am writing this entry to rightfully give credit to the woman who made it possible to protect their three island kingdom from the evil wooers who tried to take it away. If it was not for her, Odysseus might not even have an island to come back home to in the first place.

Penelope waited for her man for twenty years. She displayed patience, loyalty, faithfulness and all what a good wife was supposed to be. Imagine there was never the assurance that he was still alive yet she waited anyway. There were no iphones or blackberrys or computers let alone GPS to track your partner on where the hell he was back then.

Waiting is never easy. I myself would not allow that to happen especially if I never had the person’s assurance that he will come back to me because it would be such a waste of time waiting for him. Life is too short for a person to hold back and not move on you know. Life is to be lived. But I am no Penelope since she on the other hand, waited until her man showed up finally when her gray hairs were all visible and her wrinkles were starting to get noticeable.


What Penelope did was to show that when a man and a woman are faithful to one another, then things will work out for the best.




Because when Odysseus finally returned to his kingdom, probably he and Penelope had sex everyday to fill out on what they missed for twenty years. OOOOOPPPPSSS. Rated-R.


But well for one, Odysseus DID return and conquered all the evils of the world including the giant, the witch, the sirens and the ghosts. He came back to Penelope’s loving arms and finally lived happily ever after with their only son Telemachus who turned out to be a buff Greek aspiring hero (please see picture below). Two, Penelope proved her loyalty to Odysseus and vice versa and now they are one of the great Greek couples ever proving that love is bla bla bla. Three, Penelope and Odysseus ended up ruling the kingdom together.


Telemachus is hawwwwttt!!



But did you see how Penelope was all under appreciated in all of these? It was she who patiently waited for a man that was not even sure of being alive. It was she who thought of a plan to trick her wooers because in her heart it was only Odysseus that should claim the kingdom (pictured below). It was she who raised the only son Telemachus when the father could not do it for his child. It was she who believed in the power of love. And while it was true that Odysseus might believe in love too because well the dude got through the witch’s curse (credits for that), it was Penelope who faced the emotional stress of being an independent woman in a man’s world (ruling the three island kingdom).

Then she said, 'When I have finished weaving this robe I shall give you my answer.'


So to make things right I am writing this entry. I am writing this to tell the world that it is true that behind every successful man is a woman. And that they should be treated equally so as every person in the world. Because when people started to make labels, it really pisses me off and I know you too. Power should not be based on what’s under your pants. Work salaries should be based on competence and performance and not on sex, race or gender. When I was in High School I could have written a better report if I had known these issues but that was before so now I hope I am making a point about the under appreciation of Penelope. Anyway my paper  still got an A.


Kudos to all the Penelopes in the world!


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