Recently, news stated that Eva Longoria filed for a divorce from husband Tony Parker. So what does it imply? MEN ARE ASSES. MEN ARE JERKS. MEN ARE MEAN. Whether you’re an A-lister, middle class, every woman once in their lives has been treated unfairly perhaps cheated on. They just can’t be satisfied, eh?

break up break up too many who's next?

So why do they cheat? Why can’t men stick to just one woman? I have one theory and it originated from my mom. There are too many choices.

NOTE: I am not generalizing here but come to think of it, majority of men are jerks so this entry is written on behalf of the many.

While I believe that true love exists I must say it is rare, almost extinct. Whenever my mom and I get to watch Hollywood TV gossip, my mom never fails to mention her observation which I find very true for the most part of her words.

“E tingnan mo naman yan ang daming magaganda kaya din napapalitan ung isa. Sa dami ng maganda sa mundo hindi na sila makapili”.

“There are so many beautiful people in Hollywood that’s why they easily change partners, there’s too many of them (guys/girls) they (guys/girls) can’t choose”

True that there are so many choices available in this world and most of the time it’s in our own hands. But the sad part is one wrong choice, one can be doomed forever. One kiss can ruin a marriage. One night of pleasure can ruin a future. It’s all about the choices we make.

This brings back my third year days when my favorite teacher told the class that Love is a Choice. And up to now, I solely believe that. When you let yourself be a part of someone else’s life, you chose it to be that way. There is never the case that it just happened because we all have to make choices. The case would have been I chose her instead of you. I chose to flirt with her than to be faithful to you — or something like that. When I say that love is a choice, it starts by choosing who and it continues by sticking to it and standing by it.

You say you’re sure? Sure that you’re in love? How can you know it? You think love is so simple?

Last week, I was able to watch the movie Never Let Me Go. The movie was so depressing but after the movie it raises a question in my mind, why didn’t they run away? Didn’t they have a choice about moving forward? They were clones but in their adulthood they were almost free. Don’t they have free will? For people who do not have background of these things how do they know love anyway? [this was never discuss in the movie or did i miss it?]

But in light of the discussion of choices, they did choose. They chose to live even when they knew their time will come to donate and die earlier than their life expectancy. And they chose whom to love too though it took sometime for Tommy to stand by it. See, it was their choice after all and no one forced them to be together.

Going back to Parker-Longoria falling apart, I feel sorry for Eva that Tony cheated on her but she’s definitely not the first and last woman. Here’s what Parker said before while spending time apart, “Skype helps a lot. As long as you both make an effort, it works … [but I miss] not being able to kiss her every day!”

So what happen to making an effort, TONY PARKER?? Maybe you had too much effort and too many text messages to that other girl no??? Now there are more failed marriages to date. Thanks Tony for ruining it for me. YOU SUUUCK!

And though there are too many choices the world gives us, love says one is enough.

8 thoughts on “JERK!

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  2. the eva longoria – tony parker is really sad. but i have a question, should you be “angry” if this was the story or reason behind the break-up? Ganyan kasi ung story nung sakin. although i’m no rima, and he’s no diether, it’s still weird and sad to have ended that way. am i weird to have preferred that we cheated on each other instead? (OO, PARANG WEIRD LANG AKO SA BANDANG DUN)

    smile bebe. ❤

  3. OMG!!! if that was the reason of the break up I think the relationship was weak? because I think when you love you make time. you make things work out. (easier said than done, i know)

    oo ate lou!! it is weird parang ang sakit pag nag cheat. i think im gonna die a little or for awhile. i would feel insecure and unsure of myself too if my partner would cheat on me. im not gonna stop thinking why he cheated on me, may mali ba sakin, panget ba ako, mga ganon ba. i know babaw pero that’s gonna be the questions inside my head.

    FUNNY COMPARISON BTW! at, news to for me, I didnt know they were broken up 😦

    can’t you work things out pa ba ate lou?

    • well, weak nga siguro. kahit na siguro 3 years of seeing each other exclusively but not constantly may be considered weak. but i’m ok na 🙂 at the end of it, it was easy to let go. which shouldn’t have been if in case it was something ‘worth the fight’ 🙂 and at this point, i don’t want to work things out na rin. i love(d) him, but he’s made me so insecure and so unhappy. happiness is a choice, sure, but you also need to surround yourself with thoughts, things and people that help you “make that decision”. he was no help. haha. siguro weird lang ako kasi i’ve been in “it” for so long na akala ko kaya ko na the only thing that can break “me” was something like the TonyParker-EvaLongoria issue =)) nakikigaya sa celebrity???

      P.S. pingbacks happen when someone posts a link of your blog entry in their site 🙂

  4. jud – how to do ping backs? WAHAHAHHA loser much. sorry naman.

    thanks jud. siyempre naman mana ko sa leader ng timber e! maganda magpose ay post pala buset. heheheheh.

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