happy mother’s day!

When I was a kid my prayer simply goes like this:

NOTE: my sister was not still born at the time

“dear Lord, thank you po kay mommy at kay daddy at kay yaya flor. Sorry po dahil matigas ulo ko minsan. Love you good night see you tomorrow”

I recite this prayer with my mom listening to me every night before going to bed. But at the end part I always add my secret prayer to God which I recite only in my head:

“Lord sana po sabay sabay kaming mamatay nila mommy daddy at yaya flor para sabay sabay kami mapunta sa heaven”

I added this thinking that every family should be together til the end  of time and that God wanted it to be that way. Family is very important to me. Though other kids deny their parents to be part of their lives I try my best not to. But believe me it’s hard especially with the age gap and all that. Sometimes I am scared to explain them things because they won’t get it.

Growing up I developed reasoning and I understood how messy the world can get. I knew that my parents were not the smartest (as I thought them to be) and I knew they were imperfect. I used it against them since I thought I could get away with anything. But didn’t God said honor your father and your mother? It might sound so simple but in actuality, it is one of the hardest things to do. I remember every confession of my grade school days and that sin always comes second as to lying.


Come College time, though I may not be the perfect daughter they should have had, I tried my best to help out as I could. I had my goals for them especially for my mom. I love my mom so much and I never forget to thank God for her every waking day. She might not be a hugger and affectionate as other moms out there but she does it in her very own special way that her kids would only understand.

summer 2009 -- credits to E for keepin the copy. this was one time we were webcaming and mom didn't know E could see her 😛 akala picture picture lang e!

My mom loves to watch movies maybe I got that from her (and she had one dream while watching the movie killing me softly, the porch!!! she wanted the same porch as the house in the movie). Anyway, she always has this humbling attitude too about herself that you would be surprise on what she can actually do. She is very smart (academically) even she does not admit it but she always say that it was because of the power of her prayers. She tells us “e hindi ko nga alam kung pano ko nakapasa don e binasa ko lang naman tapos nagadasal ako”

maybe the porch?

We have this joke that I told her not to die yet until I can give her the porch she had wanted for our house. And since my boyfriend is an architect, maybe he could design it for her and hopefully when she comes home she will see it. I pray to God that she can live longer so she can see me when I am already successful so I can make her proud and make her happy finally after all those years of her taking care of us. I love my mom so much and she is that one person that keeps me on moving forward 🙂




With regards to my prayer before, forgive me. I didn’t know we weren’t supposed to go together. I am just a puny little kid with good intentions. Haha.

One thought on “happy mother’s day!

  1. Hello, E!
    (Bebe, miss na kita. HAHA!) I just want you to know that: Rucksack Stories give you the Versatile Blogger Award. 🙂 I hope you like it. And keep writing (more so because it’s only here that I seem to still hear your funny stories.) ❤

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