a man and a stone

Last two weeks ago I was able to watch 127 hours. The storyline was very simple. It was all about a struggle of a man. A man just like you and me. It was relatable because in our lives, we have struggles, actually every day, we do. We struggle to wake up in the morning. We struggle to go to school or to go to work. We struggle with the elevators. We struggle through the buses. We struggle through traffic. We struggle to stay awake in class. We struggle in the long line. We struggle in the snow. We struggle in the heat. We struggle to stay in a relationship. We struggle to get out of a relationship. We struggle to have peace of mind. We struggle against our professor’s questions. We struggle through exams and essays. We struggle for an all-nighter.

But thank God that we struggle. The dead is not able to do that. At least you are alive to have those struggles.

The movie teaches me one lesson that amidst the struggles of life we should: keep going just keep going.

This was my mantra, my line these past few weeks. I have undergone major heartbreaks, stress and pressure from all around the world. These were all the struggles of my life that I don’t want to elaborate on more. My friends would know and understand. Amidst all these struggles the message to just keep going helped me out a lot. Whenever I wanted to give up I knew that I can do so much better if only I would keep going. I knew that I would have so much more to see on the other side of the road if I would keep going. I knew that if I had given up back then, I only have myself to blame for stopping.

The rock in the movie represents the struggles of men and in the course of the struggle, the arm that was cut out was the collateral damage. In real life sometimes we have to sacrifice that arm so that we can move forward and move out of the messy situation. Because by cutting out something that is too important for us, something that is part of our lives the whole time, this would stop us from dying and would help us live.

I kept going and now I could happily say that I am almost done with my very first term in Canada at York University. I have experienced what a normal student would. I went out to parties, I chilled with friends, I stayed late in the library, I joined an organization but I did not lose the values I had before. Now that I had the taste of what another culture is, I realized to appreciate my culture more. And now that winter is coming my mantra would remain to be the same, just keep going. If it is cold, keep going. If you slipped keep going. Whenever I struggle, I would keep on going because that would only make me stronger in the long run.

And as Forrest Gump (ok this is a totally different movie but I wanted to mention, promise it would make sense) would say life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’ll get. And I’ll never know what I could have if I would give up now. There is no more stopping.

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