all I want for Christmas is.. are! :P

Its Christmas time and it’s the season of giving gifts and making of the wish list. And though there are many times I wanted to give in to the mushy all I want for Christmas is YOU lines, I cannot deny the fact that I am one of those materialistic bitches, well who isn’t? Oh don’t deny it I know you are too!! OK, who does not want those purses, shoes, and jackets? Tell me, tell me you don’t and I won’t get you one! 😛

So you ask me what I wanted? Really? You wanted to know? Are you sure? Oh by the way my birthday is coming too. I accept two in one gifts, just saying. You know birthday plus Christmas and New Year’s gift.

I have only a few in my mind because I thought I can buy things myself since I have work and shit like that. But I am not bragging or anything. And while I was browsing for pictures for my blog I have come across too many good things the world has to offer and my list ballooned. But I tried real hard not to include each and everything that made me aww I want that! while browsing online.


From left moving clockwise: Aldo, F21, Minnetonka, Manitoba Mukluks Deluccia

I used to love doll shoes but ever since there has been climate change from Ph to CND, my love are now for boots! All that comfy and warm boots. Since I already have my DMs, and UGG these additions would complete my happy meal of boots. Don’t let me down pretty please?

coach sophia satchel and guess satchel

I am not a bag person per se but I wanted to have nice ones of course. I originally wanted the Juicy Couture one but I can’t find any picture but these two have the same effect. OOOHHHH NIIIIICCEEE!!! I want to touch them!! Authentic leather *touch touch touch*


long necklaces from F21 and sports watch


I don’t know what happened in the world but it turns out that I embraced my inner girly-ness. Meaning to say, I accessorize! I can’t believe it too, it is not just you! ANG ARTE KO!!! So yes, I want these please. They are all from F21. They are fairly cheap. The last one I know ruined the pretty editing by yours truly but I wanted that sports watch!! IT’S SO CUTE! I wish there are more colors. And you can give me a non prescribed reading glasses too I want to pretend and look genius.

TNA and Zara jackets


And to battle winter, I need good quality outer wears. And where else could I get it from but the best brands: TNA and Zara. I hope they go on sale so I can just get them myself. But if you happen to come across them, think about me then buy it. I will pay you the half price! 😛 I know they are too much.

TNA tribal leopard tights

Since I moved I barely wear pants, its either tights or track pants. And I am bored with black so give me new ones! YAYYYYY!!


sephora make up set and the bombshell from Victoria's secret

Another inner girly-ness realization, I wanted these but only for special occasions, because they are too expensive I can’t allow myself to use them everyday especially the bombshell perfume or not. I wish one day Victoria’s secret would just give them away to a random customer, that being me! Why do good things have to be expensive??? WHYYYYY???





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