Quoted Works

January is the coldest month of the year. It is my month. And I think January and I are both the same. I am cold. Well maybe I used to be. Well maybe I still am to certain people. I don’t like to love unless I am sure to be loved back, yes, I am selfish like that. Who is not anyway? I am not a saint and not planning to be one. But I never saw this coming either, me being all mushy and gooey that probably make a lot of people puke.


“At least out loud, I won’t say I’m love.”



I thought that I was Megara, a strong and a tough bitch. But then again agape made me weak and vulnerable. He became my Achilles’ heel. I became softer. I used to only care about grades and food and money. But because of my relationship I started to be sort of a better person. I started to take care of myself, get closer to God, care about my friends and these were all connected to him, my person.


“When you say too much about anything important, it always ends up sounding more trivial than it is. Words trash it.”

Jessica Darling

So I am not going to mention his name or talk more about our time spent together which I long since October 26, 2009.  Maybe this quote was part of the reason I rarely talk about him to anyone. I just share whenever I am being asked but don’t get me wrong I am always proud about him and about us being together.

And this New Year, I am not going to have any New Year’s resolutions that most probably I can’t follow but a wish that this relationship last despite the distance, despite different time zones, despite the busy work school schedules. I pray it will and I trust that it will work.


“You don’t have to see someone everyday to be in love.”



Pardon for all the quoted lines.

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