let’s get physical

Apparently Monday — a day after my birthday — Jan 17, 2011 was the coldest, most depressing day of the year. The temperature was minus 28. So that explains it. For some reason that day, I was so sad.  It was a feeling that I could not explain. IT MUST BE THE WEATHER!

But yeah, after that depressing day it was all good since the weather got warmer. I was able to accomplish a lot and I was able to turn my mood around. Now, I wanted to share my current addiction – spinning. The first time I heard about spinning classes was from Cougar Town. One hour of spinning class makes you burn 400 – 600 calories. It is a winner. It is my favorite cardio workout as of the moment. My gym buddy is Tina. As much as possible we try to make it an everyday habit but Thursdays especially because those are Yoga days too! Yes, we’re addicted like that. So you’re looking at a schedule like 6pm spinning and then 730pm Yoga.

But what the heck is spinning?

Whenever I tell anyone that I am going for spinning I always get what is that? and I have to explain it. The purpose of this entry is to inform and next time I will direct them to my blog. Spinning class is basically about cycling. It is an indoor cycling activity where you remain seated on a stationary bike for an hour. And you sweat a lot. You sweat a lot because it gives you different resistance (the level) to endure. So you start light for your warm- up and it gets harder after a while. Sometimes you stand up while you pedal and you add on to the resistance and it is as if you are climbing a hill. I also heard the term power climb where you sit down and you pedal with the resistance up. And I forgot to mention that while we spin, the lights are dim and you focus on yourself. I favor that dim lights part.

It gets boring after a while but it makes me sweat and its not like I have any other choice. I can’t bike outside when it’s always freezing right? On that note, I remember my Sunrise Biker Association. It is an organization created by yours truly, my cousin Janina Mercado, our good friend Vea Santos, and two more of her friends, who became my friends too – Michelle Santos and Sam Reyes. It is the only organization where the creators are also just the members (OHA OHA).


So our group as the name says it, cycles before sunrise so we can see the sun rising. AHHHHH the miracles of life just outside your window!

Then after our group will head to Manang Lugawan beside Central School of Pulilan to grab some lugaw (rice porridge) for breakfast. A healthy and fulfilling life 😛 Yeah, you can say whatever now. And we will be happy bunnies off home anticipating another sunrise cycling moment the next day or so. You see how different the original and the artificial one. This can’t compare.

How I miss thee.


But oh well, there’s always a next time 🙂



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