Then He died.

So for all of you who did not know, there was a tragic accident that happened probably last week involving the death of an officer here in Toronto. It is not only in the Philippines that crazy things happen. It is everywhere and by that I am clearly not discriminating.


The victim: Sergeant Ryan Russell, 35. You might be wondering why am I writing an entry in memory of this person, I am telling you first hand I don’t know him but I can’t slightly be more affected of what had happened. When I saw the news I asked too many questions. So what happened? I am sharing what I heard from the news. He was struck by a snowplow, which was stolen by a homeless person that a lot of us would concur to be crazy. If you want to know more, click here.


I was mad and I thought it was stupid. It was a stupid thing to happen, honestly. I kept thinking what if it had happened to my friend or to my dad or to anybody I care for. My initial reaction was WHAT ON EARTH dot dot dot (but I really said WHAT THE FUCK). Then I came across this phrase do not to judge anyone because you don’t know where they are coming from. And earlier this morning I saw this quote via Sam’s tumblr :

Maybe it was unforgivable, maybe it really is, I can’t relate because I don’t know the exact feeling — the pain — the family of Sgt Russell feel. But when I come to think about it more, I can’t be mad to the person who did it because I am not exactly sure what was going on his mind when he stole the snowplow and hit the officer. For most of us that would be crazy but in every story, there are two sides. And I don’t think I am in the right position to judge. As for the second quote, nothing is too late to for anything. So we should try, and I know this is hard, but we should try not to give up on anyone and to give as many chances as possible to people. You might never know we are the miracles they are looking for. Miracles are everywhere anyway. You can never be too sure.


With that said, I am sort of not mad anymore and I am more positive in believing in the goodness of humanity. Remember He never gave up on us. He died for us. And that’s a lot of chances that we can probably get in a lifetime.


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