you have F4, I have F6

Going to a new school is like moving to a new country. It is scary.

I want to tell you a little about my very first day in school. School as in not in a nursery kind of way where I would cry when momma leaves me by myself. School as in the big dark place where so many other people are. No cute little boys and girls that would share their toys and lunches with you. But mostly I would like to talk about the people I met before it who remains to be part of my present.

I go to York University and it is pretty huge with more than 10 buildings with different colleges. My college is called the Winters College and I am under LAPS (Liberal Arts and Professional Studies). It is more similar to College of Arts. They just made it sound so difficult and intelligent. Anyway, my first day went smoothly, they did not even know I was new to the campus. I am a good pretend.

My very first class to attend was called Communication in Organizations. It was a third year level course so I thought that most probably people there would know each other. But luckily not all of them did. My very first friend was Samantha. Samantha is a friend friend. A friend friend is someone you just to talk to about school works. That is she. I don’t think we have that certain “click” to be the friend that you actually talk to about your problems.

It is not only romantically speaking that we need that certain “click”. It works well with friends too. By the time I got into College I never knew that I would make the friends that I would be having until today. But before I met them I have that certain click during my high school. Organizations, which I study for most of my college life, were part of my life since time I was born. I belong to one when I got into high school, the F6. The F6 is a made up group. In this very organization is where my friends — Athena, Pabelle, Annielle, Sandy, Kiara — and I belong.

Pabelle is my best friend of all time. She is the person I will never become even if I would want to. She has the kindest heart ever. I actually thought she would be perfect for a nun. I met her during a summer vacation of our grade one – piano lessons. I looked up to her though until now she might not know. But I did and always do. Now we might not be able to be the closest as we used to but I wish her luck in getting her master’s degree and on everything else because a good person like her deserves nothing but all the good. And I have to thank her for without her I would never have the love of my life now (Different story).

I never thought at all that I could be friends with Annielle. She is the prettiest in our batch. I know everyone would agree. In our group I see her as the pained artist type where she keeps to herself all her problems and emotions but you know I might be wrong this is only my opinion. We used to be super close but things change. People go different paths but I would always know that she would be just fine because whatever path she chooses she would always always ace it gracefully.

Out of the group Kiara and I probably have the closest brain waves. We think dirty, we think bad, we think many things alike. It might seem that she is just all out there for fun but believe me there is a lot more inside. If I would choose someone to discuss my faith with, I would pick her. Of all the dramas in life she did survive them all, she remain to be a happy person and to start anew. I would never worry about her and I never did because she will be fine. Throw her anywhere and everywhere and she will come through always a strong person that she is.

Honestly speaking I would never understand the how the Sandy mind works. Sometimes she is just too much that I can’t handle her anymore so I ended up annoyed but in our group she is the most thoughtful, most honest and the bravest. She is never afraid to show what a real person she is. She is never afraid of what people might think or say about her. She thinks of her friends first that even sometimes she forgets herself. When she loves I can see how she gives all. I am happy now that she found someone and I hope they can make it through.

Athena would be the sweetest with her dimples on her cheeks and all that. But wait, she is the fiercest. She knows what she wants and I know she is on her way of getting it. When we were in High School she told me she wanted to be a lawyer. And now in the present, she is in law school pursuing her dreams. She is totally going for it and I am certain that she would get it. You know the people who know what they want and they always get it, seriously I think that’s a lot like her.

I just missed my old buddies and probably I have crossed their minds too in their spare moments while they were out and about. I wish them well and if you are not in this post. Don’t be sad and don’t make tampo because there is a post for you. I am still working on it.

Let’s go back to high school 🙂

Reunion 2012: sagot daw ni Joel 😛


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