hi there neighbor!

“You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

– Leviticus 19:18


I had learned from my elementary days the two greatest commandment of God. If you summarize them, it comes to two main commandments:


Love God above all

Love your neighbor as you love yourself

And the first reading today stressed on the second one – love your neighbors. It seems so easy but the latter part makes it harder – as you love yourself. I, personally, love myself too much. I always think about how at the end of the day I have only myself to rely on, you know what I mean. People will leave you eventually, either on their will or sometimes not really – in the cases of death.


But let me show you something, a point, on how people fail on this commandment.



You might not see clearly but the article states the growing gap between the poor and the rich here in Canada. Yep, there are poor people here too, those who live by the minimum wage and live from paycheck to paycheck. And like in the Philippines, there are those rich people too who are there up above, going to their cottages every long weekend and who may have spent thousands for their dinners. The point being is that there is inequality of the goods, everywhere. Annually, here in Canada, CEOs earn around $6B (a reason why I wanted to be one, in my dreams I know) while the regular minimum wage employees earn about $42,000 or not maybe even lower. So where is the love then?


Having inequality does not immediately translate to not having love. Maybe they have it deep within you know. But how do we show it really – the “love your neighbor as yourself”. Perhaps inside the family would be good because they are the closest neighbors we have? So I should start with my sister. I hope she doesn’t get to read this so she won’t refer to this very entry every time I am meaner to her than usual.

Love is such a powerful word and we need to act on it to show it. So obviously again I fall short towards God and neighbors. I hope to change this as soon as I can and I hope for your improvement as well because remember there can never be too good of a person who could not give more love and there would never be too bad of a person to be late in sharing that very love for others.

Volunteers amaze me to death and at the same time I am jealous of them because they are able to do more. So you get the point why I showed you the statistics of inequality, because obviously rich people could give more, but maybe they won’t or they don’t. But I hope they would. I hope we all would.


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