EAT PRAY AND LOVE (mini version)

Beastly was a movie with a predictable end. It was a predictable movie in general but apart from Alex Pettyfer’s hotness (photo below will explain everything) I love the movie because it talks about an issue that a lot of us cares about: looks. But would that even matter after ten or twenty years after your teenage years?

NOTE: ALEX PETTYFER -- posting of the photo was very crucial to the blog 😛


Everywhere we go, people are sizing us up and most of the time, they do so by looking in our physical appearances. I believe in first impressions and I strongly believe that how other perceives me mattered the most. It came to a point in my life that I depended my identity on how people saw me and I dismissed how I saw myself as a person and the natural good in me.

Every person has a good and bad side. They chose whether which side to maximize in life. Sometimes it matters to whom to show it too. We want to have a projected image. The one people see and people know as us. But if our projected image has been taken away from us — our looks we had in as a youth, our riches we had when we had the money and the business — how do we define ourselves? And whom do we turn to?

Two F words are the top words when you search in mine: FAITH AND FAMILY. Yaaay is not that too obvious. Well, yeah, I banked on them so much. (PLEASE ADD ONE MORE F WORD. DON’T THINK DIRTY. NAH-UH-UH. IT IS FOOD YOU SILLY).

“We are nothing if not for belief”

And what would define you if not for the faith and the belief of the existence of a higher power and being than you are. Everyone is afraid of something and I think the best fear I have is that of God.

Though I express a lot of times of all that shit talk, and me wanting to move out I know myself too well, there is nothing more important than my family in this world. We are tight. We are naturally born anti-socials. It is just hard admitting it, like an alcoholic or an anorexic. Our most fun activities include lazing around the house all day, sleeping, gossiping but is all good (wow!!! yaaayyyy!!!). But seriously, we live together in faith, core values and sometimes with the same towels too. Alright I am kidding on the last part. Friends are my family too so do not be jealous, my friends. You know who you are. I LOVE YOUUUU!!!

BURP SERIES is a cheat dinner every Friday night with my girls Tina and Juvy (the series is never ending until death do we part). So far we had tried out these different restaurants with different cuisine –– Italian, Japanese and Korean. We always do this with the help of our favorite iPhone application Yelp. Yelp is a lot of help especially when we are lost. Juvy calls it a dollar dollar ($$) restaurant if it is somewhere around our student-post-exam budget and if we’re looking for something cheap, we go for the dollar ($) restaurant.

Wow Korean restaurant – verdict: $ restaurant – cheap but good.

Feeling Korean na kami, with only 10 bucks in your pocket your tummy is happy.

Bravo! – Verdict: $$ and a half restaurant – a bit pricey but with a very good portion. You’ll have to ask for that take home bag.

Italiano at its finest American serving size. Six thumbs up!! (Mine Tina’s and Juvy’s, if you are doing the math)

Tako Sushi – Verdict : $ and a ¾ restaurant – do not let the interiors fool you

Japanese cuisine with free green tea ice cream as dessert. I LOVE THEIR WASHROOM!

So when I am asked next time how do I define myself it is as easy as F! F! F! Faith Family and Food. ALL GOOD. By the way, I LOVE THE LETTER E too. It comes as a bonus track. It has special participation in my life. Hi E! |-)

I am so blessed, thank you Lord 🙂

One thought on “EAT PRAY AND LOVE (mini version)

  1. This post is full of GV! I love it, Bebe! :> I really hope that things are turning great over there at the Great White North.

    You made me hungry with all those meals! Hahaha! I miss you. 🙂

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