tinuninuninuni tinuninuninuni

Date: Friday March 11, 2011 Time: 5 am


What’s worse?


Dreaming of yourself gettimg murdered or waking up with the fire alarm and the fire department outside your house?

At first I thought it was one of those fire drills they used to do to check if people are ready in case there is a real fire going on like a wolf cry perhaps. But when I saw my mom panicking I felt fear and though I was calm myself my mind was going like this:


“omg omg what do I save? What do I bring myself with me? Where’s my iphone? Fucck where is my iphone, I have not charge it, where’s my laptop? oh shoot, its old, leave it, what about my mac desktop? No, I can’t afford a new one, should I ask my dad to carry it? it is too huge for me, my boots, my precious boots, I have invested in them so much I almost have the nicest colors for every season, my leather, my juicy couture, my my my… ”


And then I stopped thinking, I moved, grabbed my TNA jacket, my Roxy gym bag where all my schoolbooks were and my iphone. I was even wearing my old Ipanema flip-flops. Yes, I wore my flip-flops in the cold winter because the above thoughts happened for a second and then I stopped thinking. I totally blanked out and moved. But to all those wondering, no, there was not a fire and until now I have not figured out exactly what happened that morning but I just thank God we were all safe and alive. I got a bit stressed that I got late to class that day. But the realization that I was never ever ready hit me. And it was very sad. It was sad with what I can only do so much and it would never be enough for me as a person.


What’s better?


Burp night with the girls, skipping gym altogether, driving downtown, eating out in Korean bbq house, shopping downtown, sitting down to a Frapuccino or viber-ing with your boyfriend?


Friday is always and will be a girls’ night out and a day to hit those restaurants we have not been in together. This time we went to Korean BBQ where we are familiar with but have never been in one together.


In other news, my boyfriend and I found this Viber thing (credits to Juvy). Viber is almost the same with Skype but my boyfriend and I like it better. I am speaking for us. He can’t say otherwise. Viber makes me feel that my boyfriend is only 5-minute drive away from where I am. I can call him anytime even without a strong reception from my iphone. I can call him while I am on the bus during my break and whenever. So viber is our new thing. We are addicted to it. Again, I am speaking for us 🙂


Thanks new social media, you never fail to amaze me. Here’s to more Burp night, retail, Frapuccino, free calls, fire drills and blessed days with the Lord.



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