let’s walk and talk awhile

First times!!


It was my first time giving blood.

I was never scared of needles or anything like that because I alwaystry to tell myself that fear exists only in the mind. It is all there and we can control it. So being a nurse would not be a problem but the thing is, it is NOT my thing even if my mom asked me to go for that program. I am not that type of girl I am more for the office setting type. At least that is what I see myself in.


Anyway, so it was my first time ever to donate blood. It was no biggie. It was out of curiosity in actuality because the booths at York University have been there for long so I felt like I needed to take part of what was going on. So I went after my politics class and I β€œsaved three lives” that was what the nurse told me afterwards. I felt rewarded that in my not so effort to save lives I actually did it. I am not hardcore believer of anything but to tell you the truth I might believe (hardcore) in the goodness of humanity when I saw all the other students in different backgrounds that went there and donated.

walk through confederation parkway

It was my first time walking around my area.

I walked with Faiza who migrated from Morocco. She is a middle aged woman and I respect her values and principles. We belonged from different backgrounds. She would be a great mom. I can be her kid in our every walk. She has been here for quite awhile now and she loves walking. I love walking too. I remember how I would walk from my school to church before but it was not that long. That would only be half a kilometer maybe compared to my five kilometer with Faiza. Back then, I would walk with Elraye, one of my closest friends in the Philippines. Sometimes with Arvin, Joel and Marianne or was it always? I forget.


Walking is a great exercise and a good way to connect to people. It would never be out of my system I guess. I am just happy I am able to make someone’s day because I spend time with them.


Saving lives never feels this easy and first times are always an amazing feeling. But hopefully there’s more to go. Til the next! πŸ™‚


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