so, what’s up yo?

So I was a bit sad today though I would not want to elaborate more why I felt that way. I thought maybe I should write something positive to counter my bad vibes. I revisited my iPhone where most of my files were stored and kept.

What have I been doing lately in Canada? Well for the most part of constant complaining let me share with you some of the good ones – by using images. Let it speak for my experience so far here in this cold piece of land (as one of my good friends put it).

First trip downtown Toronto. YES when I was still a FOB (Fresh Out of the Boat).Though I only called myself that, nobody else did, at least not in front of my face so I AM PROUD of it :>

First country outside of Canada excluding lovely Philippines. THIS IS CUBAAAA.

Concerts I have been to which I never ever thought possible: Lady Gaga, Something Corporate, Cobra Starship, 3OH!3, Angels and Airwaves, John Mayer with Train. This Saturday I am going for the Raveonettes, one of the Indie bands I love!! Check them out. And June will be Katy Perry’s. I hope I can attend Edgefest too since Rise Against will be there. Too bad I have no one to go with. That’s E and I’s band but I have to pass though I wanted to see them live so bad 😦

I AM A LEGIT YOGI (yes that’s what they call you when you practice Yoga regularly)


SSSSSHHH.. you really cant take pictures, it is very solemn. I AM JUST THAT BAD >:)

First donation of blood. This happened at York a couple of weeks ago. It was very fulfilling to know that I had saved three lives by donating blood. I hope you do too! (please refer to this post)

First official clubbing. This was last Halloween. Its trick or treating time with the girls – Julia, Ivii.

Lastly the first ever trip to an amusement/water park here — Canada’s Wonderland. I think I would probably have more this year thanks to Juvy and Tina. I may be needing a season pass if that happens. Oh, and there’s also the appearance of the funnel cake (disgustingly sweet).

I am not doing that bad if you may see. I am superficially enjoying myself with what my dollar can buy me. My dollar can only do so much. I wish my dollar can buy me some ticket to E. I MISS YOU BOYFRIEND 😦

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