Guess Who’s Back?

Guess who’s back? And it is not slim shady, IT IS ME, E!!!! I AM A FREE BIRD SCHOOL YEAR’S DONE!! WOOOOHHOOOO!!!

Anyway, so what I have not told you yet is another awesome BURP NIGHT with the girls. Last St Patrick’s Day which was a month ago, Tina, Juvy and I satisfied our bellies with some Thai-Japanese loving. We went to JJ restaurant. Pictures here below:

Verdict : $ and a half store. I have expected too much because I thought there was something different about it with all the good things I heard about it from other people. But it was your typical Asian restaurant. No more no less plus our waitress not even that efficient. On the other hand, the interior was definitely good as you can see. The people were dressed very nicely and coming from the gym, we were sort of out of place but we worked it. And after, we went to our usual frappe session with all the stories of the week. Such wonderful friends I have! And that was even more enjoyable than JJ.


Miss independent, that’s  why I love her… LALALALAALLALAALAA. Keyword: INDEPENDENT.

I love the concept of independence and I am a fan of independent films, music and people. Last April 2 at Phoenix Concert Hall, despite my exams and indefinite sets of essays to write I went and attended a live music performance by an Indie band — the Raveonettes. You know those bands that are good in record but are bad live? Well, Raveonettes are not the kind. How you hear Raveonettes in record is how you hear them live – EXACTLY HOW IT IS. I am dead envious of how some people are naturally gifted in working and playing those instruments. But every one of us has their own niches. Raveonettes were just blessed in their field and for sure we will have our own as well.

Here is their remake of My boyfriend is back one of their good songs that I love so much:

This summer is all for self improvement, a reason I enrolled myself in a ballet class. And since the last time I practiced it have been ages ago, I hope I don’t mess it up. I am still in the hope of finding the perfect ballet shoes. But I already got my ballet lesson pass 🙂

 HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE! THIS IS A VERY SUPERFICIAL POST THAT I WANT YOU ALL TO KNOW 😛 Actually, it’s just spring time here but.. yeah.

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