everything is just a phase

We all have our weaknesses and mine would be not being able to be consistent. I never get to finish what I started. You see now, I have not even finish school but it is not entirely my fault. Those are brought by natural powerful forces. When I was a kid, my mother enrolled me in a variety of classes. Let me count them now:


As soon as I knew how to write the calligraphy, I was enrolled in piano lessons. I do not exactly remember up to what grade I have come to but what I only remember are pieces that would not make my piano teacher proud of me to this date. It was such a fail and I end up not knowing how to play any musical instrument.


Summer of grade one, I went for swimming classes. This is what I have wanted and I have enjoyed the most if I might say. This is the reason for my theory why-I-am-tan-than-usual. I used to have lighter skin but things change. I have finished the swimming lessons but I never pursue the dream of being big in this field. My swimming instructor actually asked my mother if I could go and compete but she said no. Sometimes, I think of the what ifs but that’s not healthy so I try and stop myself.

fontana - olongapo - bulacan


If you are my high school friend you know very well that Ericka (me!) can definitely sing. I do not intend to brag but when I was in grade 6 my teacher-advisor asked me to represent the class for a singing competition interschool. I have been taking voice lessons since grade 3 so pretty much I know a little about singing and not sounding good. Plus I have this husky voice that I thought to be not a good thing until I can use it for some conversation that includes the word baby (HI E!!!). However when I went to college I barely practice singing and the only time I can sing is during karaoke-ing with my friends in a small booth at Robinson’s Mall.

Dance. Kick. 

I went for ballet lessons and I am trying to get back to that again so I have some talent invested in me so when somebody asked me I have something interesting to say. I also went for Taekwondo that I did not excel as much as I though I would be given my natural violence. I did not pursue any higher belt because as I told you I suck at being consistent. But during my college days I went and train for my school but did not take in any promotion test. I did, however, represented my school in tournaments.


What I actually missed are the painting lessons that I took for granted one summer to learn how to ride a bike. Yes, what a trade. I was a kid and foolish, do not blame me. But it is true that every child is born an artist the only problem is how to remain one. Now that it is my summer vacation and I do not have anything better to do, I am trying to revisit and tap my inner artistic self. And I have tried sketching using my sister’s crayolas. I did two so far.

As Marcus Flutie said to Jessica,everything is a phase, some phases are just longer than others”


There are more phases to come and since it is the Holy Week I wish to reflect on the more important phases in life that will matter in this lifetime. I hope you can do the same. Let us thank the Lord for sending us His only son to save all of us.


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