For the past months I was not able to update my blog. I have been an emotional wreck and it took me a while to figure out how to paddle out of the situation. I have been strong emotionally and I will remain to be. I am not losing control of whatever I have to face. I am not scared because I have my faith with me. As I have heard from Narnia, we have nothing, if not belief.

Also sometimes things are destroyed so we can build anew. I have been trying to rebuild something that is actually not lost but most definitely I am willing to invest every inch of effort and power in me.

Inside this Genius Ideas, are things that not a lot of people will understand. This is neither a diary nor a journal but it is as private as it can get. This is a step towards the rebuilding I am talking about. Inside, is a promise of another start.

Life is like wipeout — yes the show — everyone has their moments of being knocked down but in the end the winners are the people who try the most of starting again until they reach the finish line and become victors plus winning the prize money of course.

It is no accident that an unwanted course in my life happened but it can never be the excuse forever as to how things go. I am definitely taking control now. I’ve got a plan.

So help me God.




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