Tina and Jhay

Someone had figured me out back in College — that I am sort of a wallflower. And by wallflower I meant  in the context the same as in the book ‘perks of being a wallflower’. Yeah go read it and figure, you can wait for the movie too. I belong to different kinds of crowd that sometimes people are surprise why I hang out with certain groups of friends. I do not succumb to stereotypes and I try to bend them. Maybe I just could not care less.

Here in Canada, it is about the same. Well old habits die hard yes? I have different kinds of friends but I love them just as much. I hang out with them not because of an ulterior motive or for reasons that would benefit me but simply because I enjoy their company. Each of them unique and well appreciated.

I know they are my friends because they understand without explanations. They forgive when I fail and they give me space when I need to handle things by myself. This post is for two of the closest people I met here in Canada. As ghetto as it might sound well, they simply the best. 

tina and jhay with the special participation of butoy (I just can't crop him out)

Tina and Jhay

So everytime I am being asked about how we became friends I always end up saying its a long story or friend of a friend of a friend. Well its because thats the truth. It is not as simple as we’re from the same school or work but its not as random as the club or bar. I met Tina through her Mom who I used to work with. Jhay is Tina’s friend even before Tina and I became friends so the friend of a friend explanation is slightly true.

At first I had to admit that I was not sure if I could be friends with Juvy since she seems to be all grown up and tough but actually she’s a kid and you need to show her that you care because when she cares, she shows it rather than saying it. People might think of her as complicated but it is the opposite of what she really is. You just have to make an effort to know her. She makes no judgments or whatsoever and she accepts me for me (OK I am being so emo here #kahiyanaman).

You know the very cliche small but terrible I have to admit most cliches hold truth in them. If you’re not convince yet you better meet Tina. I sometimes can’t believe the determination she has. I always knew my mom is some good judge of character because I remember her meeting Tina and telling me that she has a strong personality and she meant it in a good way. And my mom’s right. Tina has that stubbornness that would sometimes break rules only to prove she’s actually right for breaking it.

To you two:

I know lately I have been MIA and I know that I don’t have to say anything because I know without words you would understand. I just want to express how well appreciated you are — if you doubt it the very least, well don’t! You are the only ones I really could talk to about anything without inhibitions from love, family, work, weight issues, fashion, back home, depression, anger, food, retail, shows, music, everything. Feel free to do the same. And I very well know you don’t judge. I don’t judge as well I only bite :p

To two of my favorite people, Tina and Jhay, I love you!
This is so cheesy but WTH. And I will hold on to our goals and I know for sure we will get there 🙂

Note: well I think I have to explain the MIA-ness. 
You remember the stress, Im still in the healing process. 
It is taking forever.
Vanity!!! You know it :p

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