Harry Potter and my own version

Harry Potter is all about confronting fears, finding inner strength, and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.

Stephen King

Honestly I am not a hardcore Harry Potter fan though I read all the books I never re-read them. I have seen all the movies except the last one, the 7.2 that is, which I am seeing later with my friends. Harry Potter has been with us in like a decade now and I am sure it will remain with us beyond that. But with what I can make out of Harry Potter are the memories that I associated with each and every book, with each and every movie and with each and every person I sat with and talked to about the boy who lived. Harry Potter is more than a love story. It is about friendship and more. Because of Harry Potter, and I have known people that are out of my comfort zones, got the chance to bond with them though I never thought I would.

Diana was a classmate of mine during first year. I remember her as the girl who was always being called out first before myself because in alphabetical ordering my last name follows hers. My last name being Mercado and hers was Martin. She died when we were in first year high school but it was she who introduced me and I think most of our classmates to Harry Potter.

It was clear in my head how we had a drawing/drafting project at school where we had to make out a word/phrase/sentence by using the images of people – maybe stick people, firemen, nuns, dancers, etc. So long it is an image resembling a person it was acceptable. And you know what Diana made, she drew wizards and witches a la Harry Potter but I can’t remember what was her sentence. The odd thing was she made it 2 weeks early than the deadline of the project.

Diana, you are our angel now and know that we still pray for you. 

One more person I have grown close with was Raoul. We talked Harry Potter during the jeepney rides during lunchtime. At the time we talked about the Half-blood Prince and he was feeding me spoilers which I ask voluntarily because he read the book first but I still read it anyway. We would be fascinated and laugh about some scenes and then we would be emphatic for some. We even watched, if I remember it correctly, the 5th movie Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix together in Midtown Robinsons Mall while it was pouring real hard that July. We were some weird duo who watched Harry Potter just because we were kind of fans. He’s not really a hardcore fan like myself as well but we did watch during the premiere and  I believe he read all the books too. I used to watch it back then in Manila and I am still watching it now that I had moved to Toronto. Changes. Changes.

I also remember Annielle and how we were obsessed with the Brit accent. We would try to sound like them. Back then she would obviously be more of a fan since she told me a lot of the spells and how you would say it with the right accent. I know crazy huh? But we were freshmen high school alright. And who would forget all the beautiful people in the movies? Kiara and I were drooling over Percy Weasley and Oliver Wood. We would know exactly where their scenes were and how they would say their lines — they didn’t have that much that’s why. We would fantasize about being with them and living in their world even if we know it was nonsense but you know, that’s the Harry Potter effect when you’re in High School and stupid-ish.

But thanks toHarry Potter I met my one true first love – Ron Weasley. Yes I am into Ginger heads. Who would not be so in love with that charm? So cute! I even have a pillow with his face plastered on it. I bought it from SM Pampanga which was the closest decent mall from our province. Wow, I feel like a country person. Feel na feel. I feel the exact impersonation of the word country.

There is too much memories related to Harry Potter and saying that my childhood would end because the franchise ended is not fitting for me because my childhood ended a long time ago. Bitterness. HAHAHAHAHAHA. But my point is there is too much people involve in this Harry Potter culture and whenever Harry Potter would be the topic there is a fat chance the conversation would never finish. Maybe I should create a Harry Potter group among my friends no? We are the Harry Potter generation and like him together with our friends and the people who truly support us we would defeat our arch nemesis Voldemort, who’s so powerful he can’t even get himself a proper nose. LIKE HONESTLY.

I am proud to be in a Potter generation. 

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